Punk Rock Turtle

Turtle Punk Rock

Punk looking Mary River turtle was added to the list of endangered animals. " Fat Bob's Feet " is a full-length album by the punk band Toy Dolls. A punk rock turtle with a bright green Mohawk, who is actually an algae, who is on a gruppo musicale funk-rock funk-rock e punk. Vento post-rock di Chicago.

Punk rock turtle has "Green Hair", will probably die alone - 2019

The Mary River turtle is not named after the Old Rock icons of the 80s The Jesus and Mary Chain, although we will not be flawed by the hypothesis. With mustache-like growths coming from his chin and shoals of algae sticking out of his head like an Iroquois punk green, the freshwater swimmer looks just like an old biker, as he does with an endangered species.

The Mary River turtle (Elusor Macrurusin is actually named after the Mary River in Queensland, Australia, which is the only place on earth where it lives. The rare turtle ranks 29th in a new list of the world's 100 most endangered reptiles published last week (10 April) by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

The new list is part of the ZSL's Educational Program of Existence (EDGE stands for Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered), which sheds light on some of the world's most unique and extinct species living far away from their own branches of the tree of life. Species such as the Mary River turtle have few close relatives on Earth; according to the website of Edges, these turtles moved away from all other living species about 40 million years ago.

The goal of Edges is to increase the awareness and protection of these distant creatures before it is too late. The Mary River turtle has turned out to be an unofficial poster child for the list of rare reptiles, mainly due to its irresistibly strange appearance. In addition to its body swallowed by algae, the turtle has a good biological faith.

On the one hand, he can breathe glands similar to sheep in his sewer - the multi-purpose opening that many reptiles use both for excretion and mating - and can therefore remain under water for up to three days, according to Edges. Turtles and tortoises represent "29 of the 100 best reptiles in edge, although they account for only 3.3% of the reptile species' wealth," researchers wrote in a new study published on April 11 in on-line magazine SLOS ONE, which accompanies the list.

The first place on the list of reptiles goes to the large-headed turtle of Madagascar, a reptile with a prehistoric appearance, sometimes rainbow-coloured, whose origin goes back 80 million years. The species is threatened with extinction, but protection measures are in place, reportsEDGE.

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