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that there was some tension between punk and Christian groups. In Equilibrio". Brightest Room: Exit is released, the band's first LP, between post-punk and British pop. PUNK ROCK RADUNO Three chords, without a brain. Wedding Punk Rock Tour dates.

Otis Tours celebrates ten years with two days of punk and rock at Druso.

Otis Tours was conceived in a car park in Sarnico and has established itself as an Italian reservation agency for concerts of international punk, car park and rockânâroll bands along the boat and in Europe. The project is backed by Franz Barcella of Sarnico, bassist at Miss Chain & The Broken Heels, and Diego Clemente of La Spezia, who lives in Malmö, Sweden.

 "We had in the same week three bands on Tour, it was easy to organize the event â says Clement â. The group, originally from St. Albans, is a must for those who love English rock. Coco Hames from Memphis, front woman of the garages hop group The Ettes, supported by musicians from Bergamo, opens the group.

In front of the big ones, to play alternately on stage, Elli de Mon, Vicenza, real name Elisa De Munari, becomes a true one-girl group, capable of playing more instruments at the same time: resonance guitar, bass drum and rattles. Then the group Il buio, by Thiene, with their post-rock, becomes Miss Chain & The Broken Heels born in Vicenza, Miss Chain & The Broken Heels power-pop style, inspired by the girls of the 60s and the punk rock formation The M.

On Saturday, the guests are Radio Birdman, an icon of Australian proto-punk, founded in Sydney in the mid-1970s and completely booked out at every stage of their tour: always on Saturday, at 4 p.m., but allâEdoné, the Premié of the documentary dedicated to them, Â "Descent into the MaelstromÂ" and some acoustic pieces by Deniz Tek (admission free).

In front of them, on the stage of Druso, stands Derv Gordon, voice of The Equals, English symbol of the racial union: In the mid 60s they created a smelting blowing blow with white and black musicians as well as reggae, glue, pop and rock. So what, from Oakland, Backing Volume of Stesso Gordon himself, will be the first Vitrine.

Then there' the punk rock of the ''Comaschi The Leeches'' and the ''Spezzini The Peawees'', from over twenty years of career. Finally, with the compatriots King Mastino, an alternate indies group, from the five albums behind it.....

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