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Pink-skirt ties

This category contains entries for Hardcore-Punk-Musikalben. My faith is in me and I pray, and I do not want to separate the relationships with my culture in any way. Vaseline, Montecio -TX (pop-punk/punk rock). Punk rock with Highland bagpipes (cz/usa). The boys were told to wear ties - skin-coloured ties, inconspicuous ties.

Hip Hop Punk Perak Guanti Michael Jackson Jackson Tie Rock Canvas 31CM A $41.74 Dal Juaner

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The adrenalin of punk rock and a tribute to the myth in Brianza.

There is the Blues of a Roman one-man show in the city, indie people in the province and a tribute to the myth, the atmosphere, the adrenaline of punk rock in Brianza. Tonight the collective "Venerdì sera sono al Libero" organizes the concert of The Blue Against Youth at the Circolo Libero Pensiero in Lecco (via Calloni 14; from 21.30 admission 3 euros; info: circololiberopensiero.it), a soloproject of Gianni Troy, which goes on stage alone and "divides" between guitar, bass drum, hi-hat, zazoo and vocals; at the opening of the Lecco Reeds Blue.

Gianni TBAY's show takes up the country and blues tradition with rock elements. The project, launched by the Roman musician in 2008, is the result of a long journey in solid core and metallic music accompanied by the group The Orange Man Theory, which began its career as a soloist and entered the indelible groove of 70s rock by Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd's south rock and Delta's primitive blue, Gianni TBAY began to produce original pieces.

In 2011 his first album "Pure at Heart Blues" was released by Tobay. Today the "Fast Four Celebration Night" organized by La Frequenza, a complete dive into punk rock with three bands taking turns on stage: Twin (quartet from the capital, on stage since 2011; first album released in 2012 entitled "The Band That Ties You Up in Knots"); Meg (band brianza); The Bookhouseboys (four punk rock lovers gathered on the Como-Milan axis).

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