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Rock Punk Store

He specializes exclusively in punk in all its forms, but you can also find reggae and metal. More ideas about Punk, Punkrock and Rebel. "Youth subcultures, Ultras, Rock, Punk, Oi!" Punk's not dead. ?

Punk's not dead.

The HELLNATION Store - Music and video store - Rome, Italy - 231 reviews - 195 photos

Roberto took over the business and managed it independently to this day, renaming it "HELLNATION". We sell vinyl of different music styles (rock, punk, ska, afro-funk, soul, hardcore, metal), CD, DVDs, T-shirts printed by us, brooches, books and football material. Since 1992 the shop has been located in Rome.

The company, formerly called'BANDA BONNOT', was run by Roberto and Vittorio until 1997. This year Roberto took over the business and changed the name to "HELLNATION". Over the years, the store has become a symbol for the city' s young sub-cultures and many lovers of musical entertainment who are still passionate and proud of the industry's crises.

Our company sells vinyl of various styles of music (rock, punk, ska, afro-funk, soul, hardcore, metal), CD's, DVD's, T-shirts, pins, books and football material that we have made.


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