Punk Rock Stations

Rock Punk Stations

Complimentary online punk rock music radio stations, ideal for streaming songs to improve mood. And Jeff even managed to get some kind of yodel punk rock in there. If you like it, if you feel it, you can't help but concentrate on it. All rock musicians are deaf. Punk rock mixata.

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D.R.R.: Tell us something about yourself... who is "Andrea Rock" and where does your musical backgrounds come from? A. R.: Andrea was born with the passion and need to express herself through punk rock, which refers to the outside world through this musical language. I' ve always been what the Ramones call "Outsider" in a song, and even today, even though I'm immersed in the universe of continental music, I feel like that.

D.R.R.: You have been involved in the formation of many bands, but do you think that Andead could be your main project? A. R.: Andead is my own group; a project I started in 2007 to replay the genre I was born from. D.R.R.: Do you have concerts and do you have any venues where you play regularly?

During many years of music, friendly relationships have developed with many club managers. D.R.R.: Recently a beautiful solo record has been released by you as Italian. Would you like to tell us something about Hibernophile and why you decided to give up your punk rock vein to realize it? A. R.: I don't think I've given up my punk rock vein; all tracks have more or less 3/4 chords, there's a Social Distortion artwork, a Bad Religion artwork and an arrangement of a 2011 song by Andead.

I always wrote all my music on an acoustic guitar and this time I decided it was the instrument that would accompany me between the songs. D.R.R.: How are your characters brought to life? A. R.: I write all year round, effortlessly, simply by translating what I live into music.

At a certain point I decide to go into the recording studios and close some of these tracks on a record. D.R.R.: Be partyito da Rock TV per a Virgin Radio. Tell us about your trip to the press and what you think about the fact that you have become one of the landmarks of the Italian rock scene with your broadcast on Virgin Radio.

I like to tell the music and I have always tried to do it honestly and honestly, as a supporter before as an employee. D.R.R.: You interviewed the greats of rock music. A. R.: It's a big emotion, always, just because I'm a big supporter of music. D.R.R.: Which artist was the most available and which one surprised you the most?

D.R.R.: Lately artists like Scott Weiland, Lemmy and finally David Bowie have died. Do you think the new rock generation will reach their level? A. R.: I don't like making big proclamations after the disappearance of artists on this level who have been in Olympus for decades and in the lives of thousands of people.

The new generation has a lot of potential; if it focuses on communication and not on appearance, also thanks to the experiences of those who preceded it, it can surprise. D.R.R.: How do you see the situation of Italian rock? Is it difficult for a group to form, or do you see any shimmer of light? I recommend honesty and integrity, a wise use of the Internet (not exaggerated) and a continuous production of music.

D.R.R.: What are your plans for the future? In the meantime, together with Edo Rossi and Federica Sala, we will begin the work that will lead to the creation of a documentary that will be linked to my social experience with the project "PGA - Punks Go Acoustic", a project that is close to my heart.

D.R.R.: The main purpose of the Drinkin Rock Radio - Rock Music Community is to give up-and-coming bands space so that they can make themselves known...................................................................................................................................................... R Do you have any bands you'd like to recommend? I liked the lags between the bands of the new generation and the young over from Modena.

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