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Hear the best Argentina & Punk Rock & Radio online shows. Hear the best puck rock music from all over the world. The radio that blinded the curtains. a confrontation: Birdman e The Saints. Placeata is dedicated to punk, hc, power-pop, garage and women's rock.

Birdie Man Retro Punk Rock Radio T Indie 186 black vUF6wqqzZZ

The periodic inspection of a multidimensional measuring instrument is the inspection of the metrological reliability of the instrument after a certain period of use or after an adjustment. The regular inspection of multidimensional measuring instruments in use is usually carried out by the corresponding approved laboratories or accredited bodies. The metric body cannot carry out the regular inspection of multi-dimensional measuring instruments for approval, which MID can carry out instead, but only until 18.03.2019 and with the samples and instruments provided by the instrument holder the regular inspection of multi-dimensional measuring instruments for national approval.

From 18.03.2019, instrument holders must request the service exclusively from the bodies accredited for the instruments in question. The periodicity of the verification of multidimensional measuring instruments shall be three years from the date of their placing into service, if they are put into service no later than two years after 31 December of the year of supplementary metrology marking.

If the instrument has been put into service more than two years after 31 December of the year indicated by the supplementary metrology marking, the first periodic verification shall be carried out by 31 December of the year indicated by the supplementary metrology marking increased by 5.

For instruments already subject to regular checks, the frequency of checks shall continue to be calculated from the date of the last check carried out. The holder of the measuring instrument shall carry out a periodic inspection at least five working days before the expiry of the previous inspection or, if he had the instrument repaired, within ten working days of the date of the repair.

The Chamber of Commerce shall verify that the instruments used in the statutory measuring functions are regularly inspected and that the requirements of Ministerial Decree 93/2017 are met, and shall carry out regular spot checks on a sample of instruments already inspected by the laboratories qualified for periodic inspection and on the instruments, in any event at the service of the owners of the instruments.

and the attached documents and must inform the Chamber of Commerce of the district in which the instrument is in use of the date of commencement of use and the date of termination of use as well as the other elements specified in Ministerial Decree 93/2017 under penalty of application of the relevant administrative penalties.

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