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Wholesale Punk Rock Poster from Lotti Punk Rock Poster at a Cheap Price, Buy from Reliable Punk Rock Poster Wholesaler. The Calligrafia - Illustrazioni E Manifesti, Rock N Roll, Volantini, Concerti, Punk, Calligrafia. from Burlington in today's oldest construction market town in the country, known for its punk scene. Mr. Jimijam Poster Rock, Braces, Flyer, Artistic Photos, Punk, Studs.

from Prog, Metal, Punk and New Wave to Techno and Alternative Rock of our time.

Vintage Rock Poster Remixed & Re-imagined by SOWISSTED

MTV, Communication Arts, Rolling Stone, How, Computer Arts, Village Voice, Huffington Post, New York Magazine) and author of artworks, flyers and posters for great and independent artists interested in musical entertainment. Joyce has transformed his passions, punk and modernism, borrowed from Swiss design, into surprising, colourful and hypnotic posters, flyers and posters from over two hundred concerts and events that have become legends of the punk scene,

Punk, New-Wave, Post-Rock et Indie-Rock pro Numerose-Band qualification Jane's Addiction, Beastie Boys, Clash, Pixies, Green Day, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Sonic Youth, Cure, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Pavvement, They Might Be Giants, Nirvana. Thanks to his innovative method, the artist has succeeded in bringing faded black and white amateur posters found in dusty archives from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s to life and, above all, to colour, improving the creative material and freedom of expression of the time to which the original materials refer.

In his work, Joyce gains both the immediacy, abstraction and symbolism of punk and the rigorous aesthetics of Swiss style, also known as International Typographic Style, known for its clarity, legibility and objectivity, without a hint of decorativeism or frills of any kind. On the occasion of the start of the project, the artist explained that "in an even, casual collection of flyers, styles ranging from minimalism to college, from transformative art to typography, from black humor to handwriting & inscription, from abstraction to politics, can be found, this fundamental aesthetic has always been a great source of inspiration for my entire work as a designer".

The character used in the creation of the billboard is the Akzidenz Grotesk, which was designed and produced by a German printer in 1896 and is in a sense the official character of Swiss typography design. From artistic projects to editorial products, for several weeks now it has also been possible to buy books in bookstores and on the websites of the most important online booksellers in the form of a band containing all the posters signed by Mike Joyce for leafing through, cutting out and framing.

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