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but if you're feeling better and want to breathe Christmas air, here's the playlist. Rock Punk Playlist. by xxex | Public | Non collaborative. Love Letters to the Dead Playlist Music Quotes, Lyrics, Music Standings,. We' re all into punk rock Moss.

theplaylist.net. Elizabeth Moss meets again with Alex Ross Perry & Goes Punk In'Her Smell'. in this playlist:

Get a punk culture with Stefano Gilardino's playlist.

The interpretation of the word "punk" is an issue that we have already addressed with Noisey. But as difficult as it is to contain and limit it, punk has a historical core and roots, roots that no one can take away from it. We got to know them with the basic albums of the two-year period 76/77, with countless documentaries on this subject, through books like Please Kil Me, We Got The Neutron Bomb, American Hardcore, Our Band Could Be Your Life.... now we have a purely Italian one: The History of Punk by Stefano Gilardino, published by Hoepli Verlag.

He was one of the first music critics in Italy to specialize in punk. In the introduction he tells how as a child he was enchanted by the famous RAI Odeon program about the punk phenomenon, and from then on he never looked back. Forty years later, he is one of the greatest connoisseurs of the genre in the world, with a collection of records to make all readers of Noteey pale; he was also responsible for introducing bands like NOFX and Lagwagon to Italian audiences during his collaboration with magazines like Dynamo and Rock Sound, as well as for rediscovering New York No Welle and Italian New Week, scenes and genres that were almost forgotten between the nineties and two thousand years ago.

The History of Punk is the first purely Italian guide to the movement that revolutionized rock music, from its birth in the mid-1970s to the thousands of subforms it has produced to date, and will be available in bookshops tomorrow, Friday 13 October. Tomorrow on Noisey you will find an exclusive excerpt from the very Italian history recorded by punk in Bologna 77.

But today, just to make us a culture, we have a selection curated by Stefano with the best punk of the 70s and 80s, containing some great classics and some most unknown pearls. Listen to the playlist and read the commentary track by track sent to us by the author.

It was impossible even to hope that with a 50 minute playlist I would be a little exhaustive on the subject, so I chose a few songs that I liked for one reason or another and that were all released before the 90s. In the late 70's the Italian prints of the records often had a special character that distinguished them from the others.

New Wave Rock - Special Price", which I also remember at the premiere of the unknown Tuff Darts. This is the most beautiful piece of a wonderful record. If I had to choose a single piece to describe the vulgar, stupid and annoying side of punk, I would choose Freestone's Bummer Bitch.

In reality, the classic piece recorded by shift workers in studios to try to take advantage of the long wave of fashion is not complete, but without this piece such a discography would not be complete. The TV Smith group has always kept what the Stiff Flyer promised, with a raw and primitive punk rock style.

THE SAINTS and " Erotic Neurotic " THE DICTATORS and " Sleepin' With The T.V. On " WEIRE and " Outdoor Miner " What can you say about a group that manages to put " I Am The Fly ", " Another The Letter ", " Heartbeat", " Praxis Makes Perfect " and " Outdoor Miner ", the perfect Popsong, on the same album? He gave me the 45s of his new group Kimota (nice by the way) and some comics he had been working on.

During a break in a pub, we met Moreno Degli Avvoltoi, who conducted a city tour that was the best piece of Gaz. I could end it here, but I like to remember how the beginning of this piece in "Roundabout" is grabbed by the teenage punk spot of yes, teenagers. I decided for this new version (released on Bootleg, but never officially), because it is played by my favorite line-up BlaK Flag:

The punk tagan par excellence is one of my favorite singers, Keith Morris. Absolutely inimitable, for me I am the best in Olympus with Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat and all the other giants. In the light of the death of Grant Hart (I already did the playlist once) this piece gets even more meaning.

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