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You've learned how to play your instruments. Dancing and laughing and playing. With the Play Along Bass series you can play your favourite songs quickly and easily! With the Play Along Bass series you can play your favourite songs quickly and easily! Instead, I wanted to play in a group.

Punk Rock Con Le Ali (Malibu Version)[Official Video]

The official debut will take place on the Rolling Stone website and already in May 2011 Weiß will be noticed by MTV, which nominates him Artist of the Week for MTV New Generation. The debut ends with a grand finale: participation in the MTV Days 2012. Within a short time, he signed the texts of Velvet's Ep "La Razionalità" and created a strong artistic partnership with Niccolò Fabi, with whom he spent an entire summer as an official sponsor of his Ecco tour.

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With the Play-Along Bass Series you can play your favourite songs quickly and easily! Just follow the map, listen to the CD to hear how you want the bass to sound, and then play along with each base. You can play the CD on any Mac or computer, users can adjust the recording at any time without changing the field!

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