Punk Rock Pioneers

Rock Punk Pioneers

ll punk dei The Van Houtens. Eric Azzopardi - better known as Eric il-Punk - one of Malta's punk rock pioneers died on Sunday. Eric Azzopardi - better known as Eric il-Punk - one of Malta's punk rock pioneers died on Sunday. Eric Azzopardi - better known as Eric il-Punk - one of Malta's punk rock pioneers died on Sunday. He also liked the pioneers of surf music, Jan and Dean.

Vogelmann Radio (Punk Rock Legends) '74)

Murno (Blah Blah Blah Blah) + Otis Tour, Spazio 211: Radio Birdman (Punk Rock Legends '74) + King Mastino for the first time in Turin, at Spazio211. Deniz Tek and Rob Younger, who share a strong passion for Detroit sounds and especially for bands like Stooges and MC5, decide to hire three local musicians and form a new group.

The three are Chris Masuak (guitar, piano), Warwick Gilbert (bass) and Ron Keeley (drums), who will form the first line-up of Radio Birdman - for the first time in Turin at Spazio 211! Deniz Tek and Rob Younger, who share a strong passion for Detroit sounds and especially for bands like Stooges and MC5, decide to hire three local musicians and form a new group.

The three are Chris Masuak (guitar, piano), Warwick Gilbert (bass) and Ron Keeley (drums), who will form the first line-up of Birdman Radio. In fact, the five are banned from all the clubs where they have performed in the first two years of the band's life. With the release of this EP the birth of the Australian punk scene is traced back.

The record is characterized by a raw and fast sound, very close to Detroit rock, with the keyboards following the fast plots of the two guitars. In the same year Pip Hoyle (organ, piano) joined the line-up of the group, which remained unchanged until its dissolution in 1981. The next step is the recording of an LP and with a contract with Trafalgar in hand, the volume records in 1977 Radios Appear, first released only in Australia and then in 1978 distributed worldwide by Sire Records, but with a different line-up.

The rapid activity continues and in 1978 the group is in Wales to record the sequel to Radio Appear. The sessions are very complicated and reflect the bad health of the group, but nevertheless the LP living eye (Trafalgar/WEA) is created, which is released in 1981 after the dissolution of the group, because the members of the group are incompatible.

Deniz Tek founded New Race with Rob Younger, Warwick Gilbert, Ron Asheton from Stooges and Dennis Thompson from MC5 after breaking up the team. Deniz Tek followed with Ron Keeley and Pip Hoyle and other musicians who founded The Visitors and then continued his solo career.

The other members of Radio Birman will continue to play in other groups more or less known as The Barracudas. It was reformed in 1996, in January, with the original line-up. The six meet in the recording room to remix their first two works and realize that they can still play together and that the tensions between the members of the group have disappeared.

The group began a Australian touring and in the same year they released Ritualism for their label Crying Sun Records. In 2000 there was a change in the line-up: bassist Warwick Gilbert gave way to Jim Dickson, the former New Christs and the Deniz Tek Group.

They toured the world and arrived in Europe in 2004. During the European trip alone, drummer Ron Keeley leaves the group to make way for Nik Reith, the former Celibate Rifles, Deniz Tek Group and New Christs. In 2006 Zeno Beach will be released, a new recording 25 years after the last use of the live act Liveyes.

The record was recorded in December 2005 in Sydney and released on 24 June on Crying Sun Records in Australia, while it will be released in the rest of the world on 22 August. One of the pioneers of the high-energy rock'n'roll world, Radio Birdman will be returning to Europe for the first 20 shows in 8 years in June and July.

Incorporating three of the six founding members, these shows will be a great chance to capture this iconic Aussie subway rock whose flames have inspired many of today's participants under the flag of the " Garages Rock ". Deniz Tek, singer Rob Younger and percussionist Ron Keeley founded Radio Birdman in Sydney, Australia in mid-1974.

Imagining a group that would violate the regulations and ignore the current state of the Aussie rock industry at the forefront. It would be an extreme tough group, with maximal member participation at all hours. A lot of people closed down door, commitments were canceled after the first track, often with the menace of real bodily harm, because clubs were let go on the group.

They had to use their own shows in small common rooms and the like. Later, the group took over their leadership, renamed them Oxford Funhouse and made them available to other like-minded groups who followed. Although the founding fathers were not really a punk group, The Funhouse became the center of the beginning crystallization of the Sydney punk circuit, more like a Detroit oriented high-energy rock group with a variety of garages and New York styles not included in this general outline.

Birdman Radio produced an ep "Burned My Eye" and then an LP "Radios Appear", both low cost recording on a piece by piece basis at Trafalgar Studs on dates when the Studs had no customers at all. They founded their own record company and the albums were sold by themselves, at a low cost, without the intermediaries.

While Sire Records chairman Seymour Stein was in Australia to subscribe to The Saints, he saw a Radio Birdman show at Funhouse and licenced "Radios Appear" for US and Europe releases, where he also signed the group to a record deal. Radiobirdman was a popular mixture. Together, Rob Younger, Deniz Tek, Chris Masuak, Warwick Gilbert, Pip Hoyle and Ron Keeley formed a whole that was much larger than the total of the parts.

No matter how warm the lights, it was unavoidable that they would inevitably fire out their parts. A whole sub-subculture loose bound to the surfing movements, with minute enslaves all over the globe, has developed on the basis of the Radio Birdman worship. Inspired by holy monsters like The Stooges, MC5, The Hellacopters, our group has to wait until the summer of 2009 to form the first official line-up (Gian Marco Drum, Massi Bass, Paolo Gitarre, Alessio Guitar\vocals) with which the time of the first shows begins.

In June 2010 the first 7-inch Carrara Dead Shamp splitter was released for Surfin' Ki Record, showing a picture of the sea and marine life, two crossed anchors became the King Mastino emblem. But only in October 2010 the first Lp/Cd, always for SURFIN' Ki Record ings, will be released as a compendium of the first work: It starts in the south of Taranto and in the far north of Villadossola, demonstrating the explosive attitude of the group.

Summer 2011 will be a hot summer for the King Mastino, who will be invited to several festivals, including the independent Southeast of Lecce and Rock 'n' Lerse in Lerici. In December 2011 the second Area Pirata release "Hold Fast" was released on digital pack CD, in May it will be available on vinyl for White Zoo Records.

In March 2012 a 7? vinyl with Fratelli Triestini Gonzales will be printed for Surfin Ki Records. Two new 7? vinyl releases will be released in September 2013, the first for Fat Cat Records from Miami Florida and the second a splitting with the Swedish band The Sewergrooves for Ghost Highway Recordings and Sailors Overdrive Records, followed by a small Swiss touring.

From February onwards, sailors will be sailing in Italy and Switzerland in winter, and in April an excellent winter trip will take place in France and Spain (where the KM receives a lot of support and attention from national radios). In September a 7-slot with the Swedish band THE ROYAL CREAM (New H Records) will be released, followed by a short but intensive German touring.

With the new cast in early 2015, there are three dates in Switzerland and in March a touring of 10 dates in Spain, where King Mastino makes the first television experience with a 30-minute show in the TV studios of TVE for the show "Los Conciertos de Radio 3 en La 2".

It comes mid-2015 and the fourth album "SAIL AWAY", which will be released in November: recorded as the previous album in the TUP STUDIO in Brescia, where the group, given the good feelings, has reused the skills of Brown Barcella without neglecting the living part. S. A.), Beluga Records (Sweden), Ghost Highway Records (Spain) and Goo Down Records (Italy), while the CD version is edited by Retrovox Records (Italy), followed by a 10-month touring through Italy, France, Spain and Germany until the last 5 dates in far away Sweden in almost 50 dates.

Dollhouse, Dead Bog, Last Killer, Bloodlight, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, One Dimensional Man, Idol Lips, Lola And The Lovers, Rock N Roll Kamikazes, Yum Yums, Mondo Generator, Dictators, Peawees, Giuda, The New Christ, Bellrays, Radio Birdman,The Nomads,Grande Royale.

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