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punk-rock people

Punk Rock People Management: The Rock for People is a rock, punk and heavy metal festival held east of Prague at Hradec Králové Airport. Read the full lyrics of Bad Religion Punk Rock songs from the album The Gray Race. It' written for people who can see that something's wrong. Hardcore Punk - Etichetta - Fat Wreck Chords - Alternative Rock - Punk Revival - Pop Punk.


The Boogie Spiders love to play, and those who see them live will recognize it.... in May 2012, the first record on studio sonic review.the album comes out with great reviews from magazines (Noise, Blow Up) and magazines (Zine). to continue the concerts both in Italy and abroad, in Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, England with two London dates and to play again in France.... in June 2014 the second album "THANKS A LOT" always comes on studio sound record.

Music for little people

Shorts Music for Shorts People is a 1999 collection published by Fat Wreck Chords[1]. Contains songs from 101 groups of about 30 seconds each. With a few exceptions, all songs on the record were written and recorded specifically for this release, at the request of Fat Mike, founder of Fat Wreck and bassist/vocalist of Noffx.

The collection has reached position number 191 in Billboard 200[2].

Small Town, Good Wine & Sad People.

for BlueSide is a record that presents different sounds inside the album. We move from the fastest punk rock of "Fuori" to the classic rockballade "' rain ", but keep a common thread between lyrics and arrangements, which makes everything very easy to hear, thanks to the presence of some short tracks "Project", which accompany us from one song to another, as if they were in close contact with each other.

"Small city, good wines and sorrowful people" is therefore like a conceptual book that tells in its texts the discomfort of provincial life and the difficulty of understanding and refers to a greater reality, feelings that lead to the rejection of it, as if belonging to it means the loss of individuality and freedom.

It is an album full of courage and rage, in which there is no lack of sentimental moments of self-observation.

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