Punk Rock Origins

Rock Punk Origins

for The Origins and Legacy of Punk Rock. J. HARTLEY Punk is musical freedom. A great insight into the origins of punk rock music. Background Origin London, England genres punk rock years active.

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On the piazza trampoline rock for Alcol Prevention Day.

The Alcohol Abuse Awareness Day will take place on Friday 11 June in Piazza Monte Grappa, and various bands will be performing from 21 June. From 9 pm two bands from Varese take turns on stage: Hat of Jester and Uniposka. The first ones have won the latest edition of the competition for young bands Hub Sonica and present themselves with the genre shka, Reggae and alternatives.

Uniposka, a group that won the most recent edition of "Va sul palco" and that has played almost everywhere in the province of Vares a with big groups like Rappresaglia, Harddiskaunt, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and Statuto, also has the same music. The guest of the evening is the successful punk rock act of the Lombardy province founded in 1996 in the province of La Palma, named Pa.

Together with groups like Derozer, Punkreas, Shandon, Porno Riviste with their catchy sounds and the immediacy of their lyrics they soon belong to the protagonists of the Italian punk rock scene. P.A.Y. was born in 1996 and the name of the group comes from "Post Atomic Youth". The group was first formed by Ariel (Daniele Vaschi) as guitarist and singer, his brother Vulvino (Giovanni Vaschi) on bass, Postatomic Teo (Matteo Mainini) on drums and Mike (later Mike T.) as second guitar.

The success of the group is closely linked to the Vares radio station Radio Lupo Solitario, for which Ariel, together with Gab, the guitarist of the punk group MAB, conducted one of the most successful programmes, the GabAriel Show. In 1996 they released their first demos Post Atomic Youth - O Yeah! with this formation.

Oh yes! with seven songs, all sung in English, except "Rock Punk Song Very Committed - CCFTM", the only one that will have some success especially in programming. Some of the tracks from this demonstration will then be re-released in the collection The Very Best Of The Rarities Of Origins Of The Band, while others will be reinterpreted by other "nostalgic" punk groups.

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