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All the news about punk rock, updates and the latest news. Discover the latest news on Punk Rock. First Italian tour for Pussy Riot, an anti-Putin band: "You only get fake news from Russia". Punk rock does a lot of good, the good guys from Punk Rock Gathering prove it. The Capanne-born punk rock band accompanied the new single "Tristemente allegro" with a recently released video shot in the neighborhood.

Punkrock Pay's for the reopening of the wineries

A big opening ceremony for the Coopuf wineries, which opened a new event year with a concert by Pay. Varese's historic punk rock group will be on stage on Saturday 20 October: Mr Grankio, Mr Pinguino and the ironic and energetic group that has always distinguished them.

A date to follow the tracks of their career, from the times of Ammore Jar to those of Federico III to the latest record "Songs for people who do not do more". The evening starts at 22 o'clock. '); } otherwise { console.log('error'); // console.table(data); jQuery(".wrap-form-error").html(')

Emerald Day: here's the trailers for their documentary about punk. Guard il movie

"For those who have experienced it, punk rock is more, it is a conversation with society," these are the words of the narrator Iggy Pop accompanied by "Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk," the Green Day documentary about the San Francisco punk scene that has just been released and will appear in American cinemas on May 31.

Green Day were the executive producers of this movie, which tells the story of bands like Dead Kennedys, Avengers and Flipper against the backdrop of San Francisco in the 70s. The movie features interviews with Guns N' Roses, Neurosis, Spitboy and The Beatnigs. It' a moment of intense activity for Green Day, who are also working on their next record, according to unofficial but very credible voices.

Nocera Inferiore, at Christmas the mayor forbids punk and rock | News

In the decree signed last December 19, the first citizen of Nocera Inferiore, a centre with 45,000 inhabitants in the province of Salerno, declared that he had "taken care of the peace of the city and the protection of security and (sic) public safety", but will certainly discuss the measure by which the mayor Manlio Torquato during the Christmas season has banned from the borders the boundaries of the municipality that manages different types of music and - as stated in the same order - published on the institutional website of the city bell at this address and by Metal, as stated by the same order.

As we can read in the text of the provision, "the type" of music that can be broadcast by public institutions in Nocera until after the Epiphany must be "appropriate to the Christmas event", with an "absolute prohibition" of genres such as "house, punk, rock and the like": criminals are punished "with administrative penalties", the amount of which can be between "516 euros" and "5164 euros", using the procedures provided for by Law 21.11.1981, No. 689".

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