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Read the full text of Warrior Soul's Punk Rock N' Roll from the Fucker album. Come in and don't miss a word! Punk like never before. From Rory Gallagher to Sex Pistols: It's a genre between punk and rock and roll. Shirt Punk / Rock 'n' Roll / Rock.

Montana- Recensione - Spergiuro (Rock'n'roll, Punk, Punk, Punkrock)

Montana has decided to be serious, like all the bands that have been filling the provincial boxes with sweat for years and spending hours in small garages used as rehearsal rooms, often the Spartan ones. The day comes when these bands, tired of the usual routines, begin to move seriously to see the fruits of their hard work.

The Montana family comes from the Marche region, an increasingly musically productive region. And to think that "Spergiuro" should not even be an album, but an album that was born at the end of 2013. A perfect mix of music, punk and rock'n'roll that delights those who have to move to assert themselves in the midst of an oppressive crowd.

Ten pieces suitable for welding in dark places scattered in the industrial areas of our cities. The Montana play rough but compact, throw violent and crazy blows into the stomach, and in this record we have the blood we need. The Montana convey the lack of communication, the human discomfort of interpersonal relationships and with the world, the total submission to a universe that evokes fear, and the predominant need to respond with screams.

And they do it well, with a sense of rebellion reminiscent of old memories and teen dreams, torn denim and collective alcohol, all the broken glasses and pieces of glass that are still there because they were not collected by anyone.

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It was released in October 2012 and is a continuation of the previous album Anal Rock. An Alan Rock is a character who wanders through the world of Alan Rock and has no face: or rather, we don't know. All we know about him is that he is the original carrier of anal rock, a musical genre that the OCS try to reproduce, obviously in their own way.

The pure garages sounds and the pure punk rock attitude, especially in the attitude, leave room for crazy lyrics based on the band's adventures (20 Bucks and a Fuel Stop telling a strange stop at a gas station) or on personal feelings made ridiculous (Broken Bicycle). Me too hiferimenti song. I'm coming with Danko Jones, The Hives e Foo Fighters.

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