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The Teatro degli Orrori play a mixture of alternative, post-punk and noise rock. Discover ideas for musical images. Immunagini MusicaliPunk RockBand MusicaliRock N RollCantanteMusica. Fresh, melodic, but with a nice punk twist. It's always an act of courage to sing for a punk rock band in Italian.

The punk rock group Revelation of the Year returns to Italy for a date in November.

Fresh, melodic, but with a nice punk twist. Pup is one of the new bands making a name for themselves in the alternative landscape, and after participating in the next edition of the Bay Fest on The Offspring stage, they are ready to return to our country for a headlining date as part of their autumn Europe touring.

Appreciated by fans of classical punk rock for their sounds of fun, band singing and straightforward productions, but also by new generations thanks to memorable melodies and modern interpretations they can give to a historical genre, Pup live in a state of steady ascent since their inception.

An initial record (PUP, 2013) on the independent Royal Mountain, then the acclaimed The Dream Is Over (2016) on side One Dummy, to get to the new Morbid Stuff record just released on April 5 on the band's own label Little Dipper in association with a major company like Rise Records/BMG. Produced by Dave Schiffman (Weezer, The Mars Volta), Morbid Stuff summarizes everything fans have always loved about puppies, but in an even more complete and compelling way than in the past.

The lyrics reach a depth still unexplored by the group, with front man Stefan Babcock reporting on his fight against depression; but instead of creating a dark or sad record, the result is exactly the opposite: the 11 tracks become a way to exorcise and laugh in the face of the disease.

And so between a carefree song, a fast track and some of the most unforgettable choirs of their discography, the puppies have found the perfect combination of joy and suffering that makes their record very relevant and important. Morbid Stuff is already competing for a place in the charts of the year of the world's great rock publications and is the album that will probably consecrate the Pup in the Olymp of punk rock of our time once and for all.

We' re waiting in Ohibรณ for them to set off a flood of singalongs. Here are the details of the event: Advance booking on the Eventbrite race track from 11:00 am on Wednesday, April 17.

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