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"'Monologues, Palm Down's first single is on tentacles! The punks who died instantly in Ken the Warrior. CULTURAL BAND OF THE CIRCUITS OF S.DIEGO, GOGOGO AIRHEART HAS BEEN BETWEEN THE FIRST MOVERS OF SOUND PUNK-FUNK RESCOPERT, hip hop, electrodub, but with a heart a little dark, a little punk, garage punk of You're the Sun, the devastating rock'n'roll of Lockdown Monologue and Dealbreaker.

Julia Michaels, concert in Milan and Otto for the Inner Monologue Tour | News

Juliet Carin Cavazos, alias Juliet Michaels, born in 1993, announced the dates of her "Inner Monologue Tour" in Britain and Europe, the international tour of the Iowa singer-songwriter in support of her January release of the Inner Monologue Part 1 album. Juliet Michaels will also make a stop in Italy, with a single appointment on 2 October in Fabrique in Milan.

The artist's journey through the Old Continent, which begins in Dublin on 12 September, ends in Lisbon on 5 October. July Michaels has two EPs, some singles and several cooperations. She is currently involved in the opening act of the North American concerts of Pink's concert tours in support of her latest rehearsal "Beautiful Trauma".

Testi Album: Julia Brennan - Internal Monologue

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Debut for the angry Indians of Morocco!

Debut for the angry Indians of Morocco! In 2018 the Moroccan/Canadian musician and producer set up a punk rock collective from Morocco: Reda Zine à Afnorock. On this album he plays the roles of Dino Rifaa, K-Ales, Zohair ZWM, Kenny HL and Reda Zine à Afnorock, Reda Zine à Afnorock, Special guest artiste (filmmaker, musician and professor).

They have an energetic mixture of punk rock, reggae and rapp with lyrics against social injustice, authoritarianism, imperialism and state oppression.

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