Punk Rock Memorabilia

Memorabilia of Punk Rock

So you go from italo dance to more wave sounds, from commercial punk sounds to trash pop and so on. CULTURE OF POPULAR: ROCK & ROLL MEMORABILIA | Auction | Christie's. Pistols Musica Rock, Pistol, Punk Rock, Detti, Musical, Gang, Sex. To be punk and make punk music, punk rock, you really have to believe it. Download this picture: Vintage concert live ticket stub alternatives and indie punk rock music memorabilia of the 80s and 90s.

Memory - Pop-Live Annual Report'80

Luca, born 1970, was born in Asmara (Eritrea) and moved to Faenza in 1977. In 1980 he bought his first 44giri, Fade to Gray by Visage with his "pocket money" and now at home, introduced by television, relatives and friends, he entered all genres that still characterize the 80s: New waves, darks, Italodance, electronic, glue rock and above all New romance with his banners, DURAN DURAN.

Immediately she chooses her as his favourite group, but distances herself from the hysteria caused by the Durani phenomenon during this time. This continuous Pop-Media-Exhibition forms his musical taste: proud "superficial", but always open for new sounds, to the disadvantage of the genres certainly "nobler", but often made difficult by a general mass worship.

His passion for music led Luca to play various instruments and then to form two bands as soon as possible: La Vecchia Filanda (1990-'97) and Go Straight On () 1993-20...? From the ashes of his first group, as a rhythm guitarist and singer, he created in 1997 together with his friend Daniele Scarazzati, the guitarist "noisy" of Pussy Rat, a formation which has the intention to resume the torments (and not) of the 80s: the Memorabilia.

After a break of more than a decade, always with Daniele, he refounded Memorabilia as a drummer.

Rock'n'Roll Home

The first Rock Concept in Italy is called Rock'n'Roll Home: 4 rooms, each with its own bathroom for short or long stays. In Milan, in the legendary Via Gluck at number 52, only 300 metres from the Rock'n'Roll Club, the structure keeps its name by offering rooms that are all strictly rock-style and have many memorabilia on the walls, but not only.

In Italy, the first rock concept in the Italian hotels sector is Rock'n'Roll Home: 4 rooms, each with its own bath for long or shorter stay. In Milan on the iconic Gluck Road at number 52, just 300 metres from the Rock'n'Roll Club, the Gluck Road remains true to its name, offering rooms in pure rock styles with many memorabilia on the wall, but not only.

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