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Rocking rock act atropina clan Casa del Popolo di Asti

Fourteen years after "Allergia", the Atropina clans have reappeared with "Essere Umani", an album that wants to be a manifest, a declaration of intent, a clear antagonist of the social model that it does not represent. "TO BE HUMAN" is a powerful, rabid, indicative and above all biased album.

It is a record that speaks of human rights, of uniform abuse, of the importance of expressing his disagreements always and in any case about partisans, workers, the paranoia of a musician, the generation difference. This record has been completely edited by the group; each member has written at least one piece, thus contributing to the songs differing greatly in structure and style of lyrics.

The artistic production and arrangements were completely taken over by Mirko Tenace "Tanaka", while the executive production, mixing and pre-production, auditions, rehearsals and drafts came from Dr. Ceppa (Stefano Cordaro). On this occasion the group even founded an independent label, F.M.S. RECORD, which guarantees Atropina complete autonomy.

Obviously the songs were still not deposited in scripts of other copyright companies. In February 2017 they officially unite and announce the beginning of the recordings of the third recording session "BEING HUMAN", which will be released in 2019 on the occasion of the 20 years of the group.

Atropina Gli Clinan Sono:

Il Quaderno Punk presented by Stefano Gilardino /// VOLUMEN S

Gilardino Stefano presents IL QUADERNO PUNK 1979-1981 - the birth of the new Italian rock by Fabrizio and Gilardino Stefano. Not a conventional presentation, but a story, told by Stefano Gilardino and supported by videos, pictures and original excerpts from the time when punk found its way to Italy.

What's happening in Italy while London is burning with boredom and at CBGB's the Ramones are going down the road to what is commonly known as punk rock? We begin to feel the first signs of what we will get to know as punk, and although the Italian newspapers superficially notice a wind that changes direction.

Punk came for the first time into the houses of the Italians, to burst 1978 finally.

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