Punk Rock Legends

Rock Punk Legends

" God Save the Queen " is the second single of the punk band Sex Pistols. CALIFORNIA EXPERIMENTAL ROCK LEGENDS. Usaka Popstar und die American Legends of Punk is the first studio album of the pop punk band Osaka Popstar. They're true punk rock legends. A tribute to the great rock legends.

British hard rock band with Hammond organ.

The Queers (Punkrock legend)

present: You don't need many presentations for one of the symbolic names of the punk rock scene made in USA, always active between new albums, new editions and above all endless tours around the world! Founded in the early 80's, The Queers took their first steps with a sound very close to American hardcore, and then switched to more popular sounds (the main influences of Joe Queers, spirit and mark er of the group, are definitely jRamones and The Beach Boys) that define the standards of a certain scene (think Lookout! Records) and paved the way for the success of groups like Green Day or Rancid! Organization of concerts, co-productions related to punk rock, rock'n'roll, co-productions related to punk rock, and rock'n'roll.

Rock punk legends: Clash VS Milestones

RABMONA GOODS TO BITBURG. Two world legends of punk will be on stage at the Il Buio Club, a night of rebellion, alcohol and sharp guitars! RAMONES. England reacts with the first big punk wave that paves the way for changes with groups like the Sex Pistols. On stage is a band with a rough and aggressive tone, disrespectful and scandalous lyrics, sharp guitars and angry words... here you are THE CLASH. You are!

Two tributes to two punk legends will perform on the stage of the Il Buio Club: THECLASH // The Poffish "The Slash Cover" From the flames of London Punk to the worldwide "Patchanka" of "Sandinista! From the beginnings of "The Clash" (1977) to "Give Em Enough Rope" (1978), "London Calling" (1979) and "Sandinista!", The Poffish will play The Clash's most famous tracks.

1980 Combat Rock' 1982. Take rock'n'roll from the '50s, put it in a mixer that travels to the rapid rhythm of Tommy's aggressive drums, accompany him to Joey's screaming voice, Johnny's distorted guitar and Dee Dee Dee Dee's stubborn bass rounds: "Ladies and gentlemen, Ramones' punk rock is served.

Ramona Goes To Bitburg will play the most iconic tracks of the Rames, from the beginning of "Ramones" (1976) through "Rocket to Russia" (1979) and "Road To Ruin" (1978) to "End Of The Century" (1980) and "Animal Boy" (1986) and "Adios Amigos" (1995).

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