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He continued his studies at the same institute, earning a Master's degree in classical, modern and comparative philology in 2015, with a thesis on methods of historical analysis of cultural heritage entitled Videntibus et non contradicentibus. Videntibus et non contradicentibus was one of his most recent papers. Practices and forms of ownership in the upper Vercelli area in modern times under the direction of Prof. Angelo Torre.

His interest in the aspects related to changes in land ownership and in the deeds of ownership that sanction and exercise ownership over time led him to deepen his studies by obtaining a doctorate. Since October 2016 he has been a PhD student at the Laboratory for Alpine History (LabiSAlp) at the University of Lugano.

His research project, aimed at preparing a doctoral thesis and coordinated by Prof. Luigi Lorenzetti, analyses the changes in the ownership and exploitation systems of Alpine valleys at the turn of the great social changes between the 18th and 20th centuries, in particular through the case study of the Combe de Savoie.

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