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This is the Punk Holiday Festival! The Dead Neck at Punk Rock Holiday. It is now officially known that Vanilla Sky, a band supported by DC and Majestic, will play at the Punk Rock Holiday Fest in Tolmin, Slovenia! The Sobe Silva: Good support for your punk rock holiday! And here we are for another edition of the best punk party there is.

Acco la linup complete

The complete assortment of the eighth edition of Punk Rock Holiday (August 6-10, Tollmin, Slovenia) has been unveiled and the names are as always respectable: Bad Religion, Lagwagon, Beatsteaks, Caddies, H2O, Satanic Surfers, Comeback Kid, The Lawrence Arms, No Fun At All, Terror, The Living End, Dog √Čat Dog, The Lillingtons, The Menzingers, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Authority Zero, Nothington and many others.

In the crowded row there are also local groups: Talco, The Enthused, Andead and Lineout.


The line-up of Punk Rock Holiday, one of the best "genre" summer festivals in Europe, is closed and final. From August 5 to 9, the peaceful and pleasant city of Tormin in Slovenia will be conquered by thousands of punks from all over the world for what we all love: drinking beer and throwing our sweaty bodies on (or over) other sweaty bodies of people we don't know, who will be our new best friends at the end of the evening.

Meanwhile, the important things... here above you see the line-up, and here below you get the breakdown into days: the first day is the "warm-up show", the last few years there have been offspring and violent acts as a headliner, this year Pulley seems to me a choice a little "undertone" (personal opinion), it will still be a great opportunity to discover new bands and still little known.

Propagandhi play on the only day "not sponsored", I have no clue what that means, but as you can see, they are not on the billboard, they were announced a long time ago at the fb of the fiesta. This year, probably to cope with the emergence of new generations who are not used to sleeping on the floor, collapsing into accidental places or not sleeping at all, there will also be a convenience area, an Indoor Bars, Indian Bathrooms and all that is accessible by paying the appropriate "comfort upgrade".

For more information, please visit the festival's Facebook page. And now a touch ofstalgia to put us in the right frame of mind and wait for August: What is your response?

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