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Rock Punk Hits

Lyrics from the song Punk Rock Song by Bad Religion. Energy-boosting rock tracks with an aggressive youth cultural advantage. con le migliori cover del gruppo, in practice still in the early stages of the greatest hits. This room was designed as a place where everyone can develop their own concept of punk/rock. Days on August 15th Punkrock par excellence!

SONG Accordi 100% Corretti - bad worship

Watch a course on guitar from the ground up. Intro: Were you in the wilderness, did you walk with the deceased? Did you have the wisdom, did you see the pestilence? Did you visit the swamp, did you swim in the bullshit? Watch a course on guitar from the ground up.

The Punk Rock Song is a song by Bad Religion singer Greg Graffin and was released on The Grey Race in 1996. The same song gives the title to the Epic 2002 released punk rock songs compiled by Epic, one of the greatest hits never approved by members of the group and released after their return to Epitaph Records.

Aged 33, multi-instrumentalist: piano, guitar, drums, clarinet.

Punk rock song

Only that my serenity in those years was only a memory that had the taste of my childhood. And here in my life comes punk, rebellion, and as I approached this way of being, I was finally able to express anger, frustration and all that I had rotted internally before the beginning of a new millennium.

My heart was in perfect harmony with these rhythms, four quarters, beating, fast and angry. Unfortunately, these rhythms are not just meant to be heard. You have to live it too, you stay there to swallow hours and hours of music that society despises, the same society in which I felt distant and hostile.

By breaking the hatred of this society that I thought did not understand me, by marginalizing myself in this closed cycle of contempt, by contenting myself with life with a kind of social subsidy. Today I observe these years with the distance to my experience, and I realize how crazy I was to have followed these behaviors.

Without doing anything, without proposing anything new, I did to suffer everything, thinking that the cry, the result of my hatred, made the whole world understand how bad I was. I didn't throw everything away, I kept something, the taste for this music didn't let me down, a straight drumset, a simple and concise guitar ride still manage to kidnap me, but it can be a soundtrack, not a whole lifetime.

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