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Rock Punk Guitar

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Citarra Punk with Giacomo Castellano

It was too much fun to imagine one of the most sophisticated and technically advanced guitarists we know, playing an insanely distorted octave setting with the guitar on his knees. In addition, Marty Friedman recently spoke to us directly in the Super Rock Guitar about the Ramones as one of his most important sources of inspiration. Guitar virtuosos who enjoy punk, the most curled up and primitive genre of music: a strange phenomenon and absolutely explorable!

For this reason, Giacomo is offering us this month's guitars an indispensable lesson in which he tells us how he has adapted to this genre, how he has prepared himself, and how he has made his own personal suggestions for interpreting this repertoire. A lesson whose absolute value is to experience first hand the professionalism and dedication with which a professional approaches a musical genre that is not really his own.

Since June I have been working with HARD ROCK CAFE FIRENZE on the musical design of liveshows. Bertoni, (Marketing Department), needed a local consultant and chose a musician to ensure that the selected bands reached a level appropriate to the type of location and available budgets. It is obvious that the biggest events are organized by myself, I was only an external help, my task was to select 25 bands from the region and the choice of a sound engineer, always from the region, within a fixed timeframe.

It was clear that the last word was always with HRC, I have just selected and suggested the bands that fit their stylistic needs and budgets. As a result of this collaboration as consultants, they decided a few months ago to bring me on stage with Marky Ramone. At first I was confused because I hadn't played this genre for centuries, but after dusting a few records I couldn't resist and accept.

I think Marky Ramone usually has a regular Italian group and I think I understood that they were busy that day. I asked for the voice of Iacopo (Jack) Meille to be spoken, who is not a punk singer, but Hard Rock, but has guaranteed a professional level of achievement and zero mistakes.

It lasted about 20 minutes and was part of an event with a meeting with fans, the press and a DJ kit for Marky Ramone. This experience falls by the wayside as I am in the process of making my second CD, which includes instrumental tracks influenced by the latest punk rock.

Castellano Giacomo: Giacomo's fame exploded in the early 90's when, as an absolute pioneer, he taught an entire generation of guitarists to play the most modern shrimp techniques that exploded then and Giacomo had learned at the Musician Institute in Los Angeles, translating them into a method that is still relevant today.

Over the years Giacomo has tidied up the metals scene and created a place of absolute prestige as a luxurious layer player playing for Vasco Rossi, Adriano Celentano, Elisa and others. Let's remember his collaboration with Raf, Irene Grandi and Gianni Nannini, where he managed to bring powerful and centered brushstrokes of rock guitar into productions with much more popular breath.

On his first solo album in 2004, Cutting Bridges, Giacomo now produces a second one with a particularly heavy cut.

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