Punk Rock Festivals 2016

2016 Punk Rock Festivals

May 11 Friday (Pre-Festival) - May 12 Saturday 2018. ITA 360Flip - Hardcore / Punkrock / Skatepunk. Venice Hardcore Festival 2016, anche domani. All information about the program, tickets, dates and groups of the Punk Rock Holiday 2016. The subscription gives access to the three days of the festival.

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Now in its seventh edition, and "cousin" of the Sziget (in terms of organization), the home boasts a steady growth from year to year that has led him to change from a small Adoration Feast to a big name recognized at European level. This year' s line-up consisted of several names that were on the road this summer, if you want to know more, go to www.homefestival.eu, we took care of the date when there were more bands that could suit your taste...but watch out, the same speech that was for the Sziget: it's not a punk fest, it's neither the Punk Rock Holiday nor the Bay Fest, there are bands of all kinds here, so please approach this review with a good portion of open-mindedness.

To open the hostilities on the central platform, they called the Theater of Terror, a very good choice, which in a short time gathers the audience under the platform, thanks to the really violent sounds and the fucking attitude of the Capovilla & Partners bands "in your face". Great compact sounds, scenic presence guided by years of experience, and setlist focused on the latest self-titled record, the declamatory singing of Capovilla inspires many, for me personally it brings death into play, so I really appreciate the musical Nebenstein, but after a while the thousands of attractions of the venue have the best of me.

A few meters further on there is a big tent in the shape of a circus where I discover that a Ramones Coverband is about to start. Why should we give space to a Coverband in such an international celebration? The Sziget has a special stage for covers, but it makes sense here in the programming of a stage there is a coversand... I do not understand the meaning, but as he said that "fuck kind, let's dance".

called Wardogs, they do all the Ramones' hits, play them very well, maybe a little too much, and the singer left me a little behind, with a stage presence with rock star poses, that he struggled a little bit with the fact that he was basically singing light crap.

Well, we're at a celebration, we've reset our brains and we're starting to scream "Sheena is a punk rocker" again (Sheena ok, but "Blitzkrieg bop" I couldn't do, despite my brain reset, beer in my body and everything). After them, the Rumatera goes on the same stage. For me Rumatera are FIGHI, they have songs that make a big part of the still circulating punk bands (on the level of songwriting) hell, as ignorant as a tuff stone block, only seemingly stupid and above all different than any other Lady Pison have.

If we want to talk about the music "Assa persdare i Pin Floi" (which finished the concert at home), it's practically Andrew WK when he could still write, "Vergognosa", "La grande V" and "Kilometro 01" (all on the setlist) have the perfect mixture of punk, rock, pop and fun that you can best enjoy under the stage on such occasions.

Everyone over 25 has seen them at least a few times on stage, I think I'm around 6 years old, the new album "The day is my enemy" isn't exactly a masterpiece, but on stage the extremes of their sounds continue more and more violently: electronics, guitars and drums continue more and more often less fast, pieces less fast, but more groove, and the result is always this: summer festivals of full headliners, people killing themselves under the stage and generally every concert they create an expectation beyond the norm.

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