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the first punk band in America. Movies: Young people and rock stars in Cannes. It's the video of the Canzone Face Facts of the Kottonmouth Kings: All this talk about fire, reminds me of punk rock ways The Facts. The Spike and Drusilla were pulled after the punk rock couple Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen convicted Spungen.

Died cigarettes, facts of life: Meetings not closed

This time it's about the dead cigarettes that were born in Rome at the beginning of 2000 and are drawn by the position of the vocalist - the poet Ramblin' Eric. Unhappy events and line-up changes follow, which do not prevent Dead Cigarettes from recording 25 songs that should have ended up on a hypothetical, never released double record.

Exactly one year after the end of Dead Coigarettes, Handy K and Mark-A decide to give back space to their old project and make these Facts Of Life: The Unfinished Sessions available on their official website. The unfinished sessions are still a valuable testimony, the demonstration of how the dead smokes were a valid formation and immediately ready for use.

Their sounds include easy to find elements of punk, hardcore, garage rock, blues and so on. The Unfinished Sessions shows a disarming stylistic diversity: from the garage punk of the first dead cigarettes to a melancholic and painful halfballade like The Saddest Glimpse.

What is important is that Dead Cigarettes could have given so many beautiful songs to the fans of good music if only they had had more luck during their unfortunate career. The collection entrusted to us by Dead Cigarettes is neither a masterpiece nor a perfect production, but deserves attention for the blend of the different genres represented in it.

In addition, the final vote goes not only to Facts Of Life: The Unfinished Sessions, but also to Dead Cigarettes, the umpteenth victims of this ruthless universe called music.

Facts are emerging

apart from the fact that the leading member and only stable member of the British group Mark Smith has reached the age of 60. Smith dusts off the most real punk impulses without giving in to the modernist reinterpretation, especially in the short and emblematic "Victoria Train station Massacre", and then throws a pebble in the future with the long "Couple vs. Jobless Mid 30's", which, although he turns into dead metal, comes one step closer to Captain Beefheart's lyrical herb and blue expressions.

"The New Facts Emerge" consolidates one of the band's longest lasting formations (despite Elena Poulou's abandonment), and from this perfect understanding emerge some of the most convincing performances, such as the hard-core punk epic of "Fol De Rol", the mockingly sweet-sour ballad "Gibbus Gibson", the drunken rock'n' rock of "Groundsboy" and the dramatic occidental style song "Nine Out Of Ten", which has the task to close the umpteenth subversive act of Fall in beauty.

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