Punk Rock Eyeliner

Skirt Punk Eye Contour Pencil

Green Days, an icon of pop rock punk, are the role models of entire generations. Punk / rock makeup inspiration #spadelic #makeup #punk. Its long-lasting glitter formula ensures a high dose of glamrock in the twinkling of an eye. "I'm a punk rock, I'm a tough guy," he screams. As an entry-level drug to hardcore glitter, Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner offers a high dose of glam-rock-minus in the frequent stints in rehab.

Eyeliner from punk to sephora!

Alternatives, exaggerated, anarchists and committed texts: all this has meant for the young people of many generations. After all, punk is exactly that, an active critique of contemporary society that combines its principles with healthy rock and fun. Green Day has always done this with their music.

From love to teen idol, the group has represented everyone in every respect, appreciated by young people, but also by those who have always been young. Beyond the spirit with which this musical genre was born and developed, punk is recognized by a clearly defined style that has determined fashion in every decade, from birth to the present.

Where in this scene does Billie Joe Armstrong, the Green Day front man, decide to market his own product? Similar to the way the Piero Angela, who brings the Green Days onto the cosmetics market with Afternoon Five (this garbage container currently produced by Barbara D'Urso), is the one who is responsible for the Green Days.

When you think of Billie Joe Armstrong, the choice of cosmetics on the market is almost taken for granted: an eyeliner. What makes it "Unique" is the signature of the two artists in collaboration and the name that is dear and dear to all those who grew up on bread and punk rock. In fact, Basket Case, as well as one of the most successful songs of Green Day, is the name that was chosen for this product, not particularly and not unique given the mass production to which it will be subject.

In short, if you want to contribute to the biggest break in style Green Days has ever made, all you have to do is book your copy and pretend to be punk, more or less like Billie Joe.

Eyeliner tendency, thin and elegant line or more pronounced and rocky?

Skirt & Chik. Oh my God, rock o fancy? The eyeliner has this double soul, rebellious and deep, but also extremely elegant. Passepartout make-up, suitable for every taste, between the elegance of the sixties and the punk of the seventies. Just like on the catwalks, where kilograms of eyeliner were consumed, ubiquitous and that has supported all collections, from the most romantic to the most transgressive.

They are not all the same: the different thickness and presence of the tail or not at the end are details that change the appearance and give the make-up a different atmosphere. The beauty of the eyeliner lies precisely in its versatility and make-up artists know it well: rock or wit?

For Dries Van notes it is definitely rock, extremely thick, so much so that it is combined with a bare construction to give it more meaning and the Mascara is missing, the black is very deep and follows the whole upper rhyme. Just as much rock, but thinner are the characteristics of Jean Paul Gaultier, which end with a tail upwards.

Do you feel fancy? The hand only needs less limping and the line immediately becomes thinner, finer, just like the "good" gentlemen of the 1960s: a must on the catwalk of Giorgio Armani, while the sinuous line, seen from Givenchy, underlines its "parity", while the line chosen by Eva Minge, whose line starts from the centre of the eyelid, is very discreet, while that of Celia Kritharioti is more attractive and flirts with the tail upwards.

As Silvia Dell'Orto, the make-up stylist of the house, emphasizes, this pen functions as eyeshadow, eyeliner and cabbage depending on the application.

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