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These pieces we thought were essential in the French girl's style. " Just another happy start" brought with it a wave of punk rock attitude. Automatic Punk Rock Essentials da falconhelmini - Search (used) the kaydyck. The Ottieni fotografie e immagini royalty-free di Punk Rock su iStock is a form of a rock song after the hardcore, relatively structured and focused on the essential.

#10 Special: Pop Punk Basics

Yeah, we got to the tenth edition of the pop punk cafe. Here are the 10 albums you shouldn't miss if you want to start listening to pop punk. PRICE: This is not a ranking, but a list, there is no better record than another. The bowling after Suppe has done really well, with a tone that is always light and carefree, in line with what they have always represented: very talented punk rocker who don't want to take themselves seriously.

And after introducing you to some very big crazy people, we do something completely different and talk about an record that is anything but funny. MCR' s The Black Parade is a conceptual scrapbook (a story divided into songs, or songs that make up a story if you prefer) full of meaning and themes that are far from digestible.

What can I say, if the "emotional roller coaster" is what you love the most, this record is absolutely for you. A lot of nice albums have been made, but if we have to recommend one thing to you, we say "Still Not Getting Any...", albums with perhaps the band's greatest hits. As a song that should be listened to immediately, we could give you Welcome to my live, but why should you be so obvious?

Our favourite Walisers (yes, even more than Gareth Bale) are perhaps the most promising on the scene at the moment, and in our humble opinion their LNOTGY is absolutely a must for those who want to get closer to the genre. Yesterday's pop-punk, reinterpreted in a modern and original key.

2009 Targato, "Brand New Eyes" is a very important record for the musical growth of the group. In fact, there is a very massive musical maturation, both in the tone, always hard-core, but less "teen" than in earlier works and in the themes. "Young and The Hopeless" takes much of old Californian punk rock as background and presents an almost scientific change of serious and less committed lyrics.

A true worship you can't let slip through your fingers. Know that the author will be met "right in the feels" as it is one of those albums you have inside. However, "Nothing Personal" is all you can expect from a pop-punk record.

Since the first track the message is very clear: songs with direct sounds and very popular lyrics (obviously not all, listen to Therapy to believe) that make listening very pleasant. Although the record contains several successful songs, I want to leave you something less pompous. From now on I will try to tell you as little as possible, the words could only take you the time to listen to these pearls.

Check it out. The most striking is the diversification of the sounds. I' ll leave you two songs and you'll understand better. This is perhaps one of the albums that has sold the most and done this more than deserved. I mean, even if you don't like the genre, which one of you has never driven All The Small Things?

This is one of those records that everyone should really listen to, especially those who want to approach the world of pop punk. You will already know some of the songs, but we will still try to surprise you. As in the case of The Black Parade, this is a conceptual record, just as introspective, but with an allegorical component that desecrates society and especially the then active Bush government (we're talking about a 2004 album).

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