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Toy Dolls is a punk rock band founded in 1979 in Sunderland, England. Anglic upstars offered him the opportunity to perform on their national tours. ufficial sito, su thetoydolls.com. Toy dolls, su discogs, zinc media. Toy dolls, su MusicBrainz, MetaBrainz Foundation. Sito ufficiale, su thetoydolls.com.

Woody Dolls - Recensione - Maestri di vita (Punkrock, Punk, Poprock)

Ten years of "Ska-core and Baldoria" for the Woodoo Dolls, who come back with the new self-produced album "Masters of Life". There are ten episodes that make up the elaborate, long piece, which is characterized by heterogeneous influences: when the foundations reflect the classic matrix of punk and ska of Piedmontese group, the songs fade openings to rock, melody and rapp.

Among all the suggestions, the special features of "100 lire" and "Cime di rap" shine, songs in which the cohesion between lyrics and instrumental sections works and effectively influences the listener's ear. Generally, the time with Woodoo Dolls passes without any particular problems, and there is organicity and coherence in the development of concepts throughout the entire record.

Well, waiting for unreleased songs follows a good line that radiates personality.

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Deca: For all readers who don't know your group yet, why don't you tell us something about it? Mi skiamo oliga, cantante/chitarrista. Deca: In 1997 you performed for the first and last time in Italy (Teste Vuote Ossa Rotte Festival). Oliga: Un Caldo Scribile! Nevertheless we had a lot of fun, we were in perfect shape, so there was a new element in the group: Reb, who proved to be much better than our previous bass player!

Deca: You have been playing in numerous concerts for 2 decades. How do you combine your everyday life with music? Olga: D├ęcadi! He has a music store, and when he's on the road he entrusts it to one of his co-workers, Reb spends all his time at the university, and I, between one show and the next I write... that's my life and the Toy Dolls are an integral part of it.

Deca: What were the most important changes concerning your group? Oliga: Our approach to music, I guess, now we have a lot of fun, in the beginning we were much more tense instead, now we enjoy it a little more, and often we enjoy just playing some acoustic pieces! We were too busy in the past to understand whether we represented the bands of the year or not, whether others sounded better than us, now it's not more important, there are tons of bands better than us!

I don't think our style has changed in these years, in short with a voice like mine...it's pretty limited! Deka: Which are the "ex-members" of the group you miss the most? Oh, beatlla daomanda! I miss FLIP, the first bass player we started together; also TEDDY, he was a very sweet guy and a very good drummer, and then there's Fat Bob, he was special for us, God, I'm almost crying...next question!

Deka: You are recording your new CD, could you give us a preview? I will correct you, we are just writing our last CD, it's hard to say what it will be like... maybe we will talk about it in 6 months! Deka: You were at the Translvania Live Club in Milan as "Special Guest" with Dickies (remember?). If I could choose a visitor (alive or dead) to the Toy Dolls album, who would that be?

There would be many of them, certainly Charlie Harper, to his it was a real punk life! I want Leonard to sing about Dickies. He's my favorite singer. Deca: Is there a concert that you will never forget? Oh, not sapree!... Deca: Toy Dolls is currently considered one of the best punk rock bands in the world.

It was never a conscious decision, it just happened and we are proud of it. Deca: It's empho, we're waiting for your new record, about 2 years old.... when's the next record? What is it? Excuse me? Oliga: We don't think it's lucky to produce one record a year, we want to feel ready and relaxed for the new CD.

After an intense touring we have to stop for a few months and then we can start writing again.... so on average two years pass between one record and the other. Therefore we decided to wait for the right moment, which has finally come: Our trip starts in October 2004.

I mean, Dickies are my heroes, I love them musically and as people. I played with the Adicts on a tours of the States for a few weeks, it was nice, but I didn't spend much time with them. Deka: Suonerete qui in Italia professimamente?

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