Punk Rock Documentary

Rock Punk Documentary

OTIS TOURS.com and Stripedmusic.com present #PUNKROCKRADUNO Three Chords, without Brain. Hardcore Punk - Etichetta - Epitaph - Alternative Rock - Pop Punk - Punk Rock - Indie Rock. Hard metal, punk and rock are accepted and have definitely paved the way for a new music scene that breaks with the past and goes beyond expectations.

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It'?s Su la crest! Beginning of Punk Rock Gathering protagonists CJ Ramone and "Punkability".

A wonderful experience for the handicapped children of the Onlus Isola che non c' è by Cassina Rizzardi (Como), protagonists of the documentary "Punkability" and the Punk Rock Raduno, music festivals from 12 to 15 July at the Edoné in Bergamo. Thanks to Punk Goes Acoustic, a charity project of Virgin Radio's DJ Andrea Rock, the boys had the opportunity to go to a recording studios to record "Ma Boh Non So", an Italian adaptation of a historical punk rock song, "Blitzkrieg Bop" by Ramones, the reference group for punk rock Raduno.

The documentary "Punkability", which premiered during the days of the festivals, tells of her experiences in the recording room. But it doesn't end here, because on Sunday afternoon, July 15th, the disabled children of the non-profit organization L'isola che non c' è will go on stage at Punk Rock Raduno to sing and play "Ma Boh Non So" and other songs from their Rock & Roll repertoire live.

An unforgettable experience for you and the audience of the Punk Rock Rally. At the Punk Rock Meeting Sunday, July 15, h. 15 Free admission. Now in its third year, punk rock Raduno is an event that attracts people from all over the world to Bergamo every summer, fans of the simplest and fastest punk rock, a genre that has indelibly shaped popular culture: think of the music of rock stars like Green Day or the eagle emblem armed with a bat of bass ball printed on the T-shirts, combined with sneakers, torn denim and leather jackets.

From 12 to 15 July, Punk Rock Gathering will bring the spirit of the Ramones to Spazio Edoné and the whole city of Bergamo: lots of music, records, art, graphics and publishers do it themselves, tattoos, cooking, sports, movies and much more. And the absolute protagonist on the stage of the third edition of Punk Rock Raduno will be CJ Ramone, bassist of the Ramones from 1989 to 1996, who will play on Thursday, July 12, accompanied by a meanwhile historic Italian punk rock band: the Manges.

Many bands on the program: the Americans Queers, Bombpops, Dan Vapid and the Cheats, Even in Blackouts and the best of the European punk rock scene. Events in this third edition of the Punk Rock Rally include exhibitions of the Ramones with photos, posters and mementoes exhibited in Bergamo from the Ramones Museum in Berlin and Ramones.

It is a purely Italian reality that has published books and organized events about the Ramones. Don't miss the Saturday 14 July date: a rolling derby match between the Purple Snakes of Bergamo and the Fearless Bruisers of Innsbruck, with a concert between the end of the first half and the beginning of the second half.

Admission to all Punk Rock Rally events is free and the event is open to everyone, including families with children.

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