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"The way I work is punk rock. I record punk rock, even if people might not understand it if they have the chance to hear some songs on the album, the charts and with an appropriate scandal outfit from the mass media. Extract from "La domenica mattina", he reaches fifth place in the "Charts" of All Music. At the end there is the old friend Marco Bosica, replaced by Francesco Crispi, who accompanied the founder in the world of punk rock at a young age.

Most of them heard artists with punk rock tags.

Descendant is an American punk group founded in 1984 in Garden Grove. The Sex Pistols were one of the most influential British punk groups and a great icon of the 77th punk wave. The My Chemical Romance was an American alternative rock group founded in Newark, New Jersey, in 2001 and dissolved on March 22, 2013.

A Fire Inside, better known under the acronym AFI, is a rock band and early punk that was formed in 1991 in the United States. Rancid is an American punk rock band founded in 1991 in Berkeley.


Born from the head of genius Steve Harris, Iron Maiden have written the ground rules of classical metals over a long career, which they have used to..... Without being a masterpiece, "Avengers: Endgame" is exceptionally a movie show accompanied by soul. And it is above all a movie that makes it difficult to determine who likes it the most: .....

After 12 years, the author of "The Barbarian Invasions" returns with "The Fall of the American Empire," which presents his consistent and comprehensive analysis of the society of the....  Michel Ocelot, father of Kirikù, Azur and Asmar and many great and small heroes, returns to our canvases with a story set in the Paris of the Belle Epoque.

Kubrick's horror movie is a movie of great symbolism, an allegory of the ambivalence of the human path between evolution and involution.

Yesterday at Punk Rock Gathering (BG) the preview of "Punkability" was shown, the documentary about the "Other" and Punk.... - MEI - Meeting of Independents

Yesterday, Sunday, July 15th, at 8:30 pm in the context of the third edition of punk rock Raduno di Bergamo (held in Edonè in Via A. Gemelli 17) was shown in the national premiere "Punkability", a documentary that tells everything about the recording of the song "Ma Boh non So" - anonymous adaptation of "Blitzkreig Bop" by Ramones - by the children of the charitable organization "L'Isola che non c'è" in collaboration with members of the collective PGA - three members of the PGA - three children of the non-profit organization "L'Isola non c'è" in collaboration with members of the collective PGA - three children of the children of the Punk Rock Raduno di Bergamo (taking place in Edonè in Via A. Gemelli 17).

PGA, a collective of over 130 Italian musicians united by a passion for punk, founded in 2010 on the initiative of Andrea Rock (Virgin Radio/Andad), is the only charity project in Italy that is entirely self-produced by those who belong to it: in the face of Do It Yourself, typical of the punk/hardcore scene, PGA has decided to create several compilations with its own resources, published by Rude Records and various lives.

All proceeds from the initiatives launched by the collective (from records to concerts to merchandising) are earmarked for the ONLUS Association "L'isolache non c'è", whose aim is to offer free music courses to disabled children. "The punk genre - according to Andrea Rock - is the element that unites not only the backgrounds of the participating artists, but also the members of the collective with the guys from 'L'isola'.

The artists involved in the project include Jaselli, Finley, Giò Sada, Shandon, The Sun, Vanilla Sky, Uncle Bard & the Dirty Bastards, L'invasione degli uomini Verdi, The Clan, Ketty Passa, Dropkills, Garage Orchestra, Wardogs and others. Everything was created in connection with the creation of the third PGA collection, when Andrea Rock proposes to the television author Edoardo Rossi, who is part of the project as a musician, to make a documentary that will be attached to the physical copy of the CD.

A particularly intense session both for the guys of the island, as they were entering a "real" recording session for the first time, and for the rest of the PGA employees, who supported the guys as musical and singing coaches and saw them so happy to participate in this initiative, which finally came about after several years of collaboration.

In the afternoon, the guys from the island will go on stage at the punk rock meeting at 3pm to play live and demonstrate their punk spirit. The support of the Machete crews, who, with the marriage of the project, provided the technical and human resources necessary for the production of the documentary film, in particular with the contribution of Antonio Zappadu, was essential for the realisation of the documentary film.

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