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Bedroom Punk Rock

In this punk rock inspired bedroom we have the bunk bed in black color graffiti'd. Princess Punk Rock #princess #bedroom. Princess Punk Rock Princess #Princess #Bedroom Camera Punk, Grunge Camera, Da Letto Camera. Mail su punk rock scritti da jlatombe. Vooble turns his back on the punk rock and plunges into the hallucinatory effects of Dub.

Punkrock - Microcosmo

Exactly in this small corner of paradise would take place the long-awaited Punk Rock Holiday, a celebration that attracts more and more participants from all over the world. Each edition features a unique show of historical and world-famous bands who alternate for five days on two different stages in the region.

The bands could entertain a warm audience and be ready to sing all the songs offered. On the main stage the Italians pass Edward In Venice, the very technical A Wilhelm Scream, the always young Nofx, up to bands like Iron Reagan, Deez Nuts, Authority Zero, Muncie Girls, Agnostic Front, Total Chaos and No Fun At All the Staff.

Amidst many sounds, more or less young people have played historical groups like Flag and Descendents, which despite some white hair have always proved to be relevant. Punk is, too. Let's not forget that. I owe all this to my travel company Laura and Francesco from Frammenti Di Un Cuore Esploso, Luca from LaDeriva, Elvira and Fra from Sonatine Produzioni and my "roommate for six days" Davide.

And the new knowledge was endless, coming from Turin, Verona, Rome or Naples as Alessandro and Laura, both from Cattivi Guagliuni. You have to write it all over out loud, that's what punk is. And I think everyone would have liked to have spent another week with celebrations, new friendships, music and lots of fun.

In short, everyone needs sincere and concrete support. Let's take music as an example, especially the independent world. The program told a little about the relationship between the bands and record companies of the 80s and 90s. The musicians brought their own demonstration tapes to the record store or the label and were contacted by those responsible if the proposed material turned out to be particularly interesting.

I think that all this digitalization of music and relationships lacks the human component that was easier to find before. I didn't actually invent hot water, for a while MySpace had been able to provide some kind of support for the music. The project offers bands the opportunity to make themselves known and to propose their own music.

DIYSCO has set itself the goal of giving space to groups who believe in what they are doing and who invest every day in their dreams. Among the various profiles you can read the names of many musicians who belong to the hard-core punk scene, because it was one of the musical spheres that first appeared and began to support.

It is flanked by new worlds like indi-rock, metall and electronics. Who knows, maybe one day you will hear new influences and impurities that arise from this living together and exchange. We have also made it possible for normal users to create a profile, anyone who wants to follow their favorite groups and discover new ones.

Utopia is to give every reality a tool to make its voice heard and perhaps to start a big family. The various professions of music need more support, it is necessary to give more resonance to all the work done in the organization of an evening or a celebration.

It is also important to create a greater sense of belonging to music, to live more intensely the moments of sharing that occur every day. Working in the right direction makes it easier to inspire new generations and encourage them to participate and participate. As I mentioned before, I can understand that this sounds like utopia, but perhaps up to a certain point.

There is a need for interaction, support and understanding of the importance of working together and sharing. The Diego and the boys have proposed a great tool to make the voice of this world audible, now it is up to everyone to participate. Never before have I encountered such a united reality in which one can breathe an air of support and sharing.

The Venezia Hardcore Crew and Trivel organized a day with music, D.I.Y. banquets, illustrations and skateboards. Altogether they played about thirty groups, both Italian and non-Italian, and delighted an extremely participating audience. And so it is a continuous movement that meets friends and makes new acquaintances, between the different spaces that have housed different shades of a world to discover and live.

Several artists have exhibited their works, there were vinyls and T-shirts, the banquet of DIYsco, fragments of an exploding heart, epidemic records, riots instead of diets, Sea Shepherd, Being Animals and many others. The boys of Fragments of an Exploded Heart manage to open their own room after endless sacrifices and bureaucratic obstacles.

Prospective initiatives include collaboration with many bands from the D.I.Y. scene and many surprises that will involve more and more fans of the genre and the surrounding area. You experience a shared joy, as if these walls and sounds were a small victory for all. Offering one's own music in freedom, making one's own contribution and helping each other makes one feel at home, like being part of a family.

Then it goes on with the lives of Futbolìn and Thunder Bomber, two bands who know how to move you. The evening continues with photos, laughter, beer, vinyl and lots of nice music. Good work, everyone, organizers and groups who played. There are moments when you're on the same wavelength, it happens a little bit to everyone.

Well, the same goes for the bands. It is not enough to randomly involve two or more groups in the same project. Take, for example, what Frana and Opiliones have suggested, that by pooling their forces, they succeed in producing a small jewel of four songs. Similar speech for the Opiliones, a group offering punk rock with post-punk and hard-core influences.

Although the work is short, both groups have shown that they know how to do it and create good expectations for their future work. Now all you have to do is be patient and believe in these kids. That'?s what I like about music. Innocent one can think that the music scene is formed by the two or three characters that we see at the top of the charts, who are dizzying, who live from sold-out concerts and honor with his presence all the different television shows of aptitude.

So it is something that is not only inherent in music, but is placed in a market that is increasingly focused on making products according to the fashion of the moment. From these places comes a voice that cannot be silenced, sounds that are the fruit of an unconditional and free passion.

The Swiss boys show their passion for certain sounds and environments in ten tracks. A punk who gets straight to the point with a dry, tricky punch. "Now since more than ten years" are the words with which the group describes themselves and lets us predict a definite fiery life.

Music also consists of the little things that exceed money and everything you build around it. These young people make their daily contribution, even for those who insist on saying that punk is dead. I often discover new bands who like to define themselves as "punk" or "rock" just because they have taken over an everyday place in the genre.

You can listen to groups that don't broadcast anything and the message is constantly recycled. They are called Everlasting Fall, come from the province of Rome and have released their first full-length record "Songs of the bedroom". With only seven tracks these guys could arouse a certain interest for lovers of the genre.

You could call it "pop-punk", but I prefer it when you talk about the music and not about the labels. On these occasions, the group touches a rock that is more mature and less young. Just like the rock has always done. As for the musical component, the guys prove to be excellent musicians and arrange the tracks articulate and clean.

All in all, it's an interesting debut of the group, showing talent and a great desire to get involved. I always hope that the rock spirit that is revered by many is always really felt and not used as a testament for the way into the music market. I always hope that the passion, the love for sounds comes first when you start playing.

We need musicians like these guys.

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