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stream tracks and playlists from Mad Beat to your desktop or mobile device. t Hof van Commerce - 'Til Tuesday - (FREE) Post Malone Type Beat. Not solo roots reggae, ma anche ska, rock-steady, punk-rock, e rap. The Beat is no longer there and not only in the name of the band. Witness Punk Rock is your my Great Crybaby and Ai Punk from Dawlish.

Garage, Punk, Rock, Beat, Talent, Beer - Interview with The Masonics

When you first came to Rock and roll, heard the call and wanted to form a group and thought that Rock and Rock is so much the best that it's impossible for people not to like it, were you disappointed that they were buying back street boys instead? Was there a time when you had the closest feeling of feeling like a rock actor?

JG: Every time Bruce Brand puts me on a guests lists. But Bruce's answer is so good, I want to leave him in his fame bath. JG: Bruce Brand. JG: "One eyeed Barney" never recorded, played by my group during school, was on a local psychopath.

Is there a volume you can't stand and you've been compared to, which bothers you even more? BB: The Brighouse & Rastrick Brass band (readers are advised to do some research, they are not bad at all). JG: I don't know of any bands that have ever been compared to us - maybe better!

JG: Oh yes, but Bruce could open up a chain of hairdressing salons if he had time. Bruce Brand Release: The points of view and opinions expressed in this interview are exclusively from the author Bruce Brand. BB: Being sent back to Calais because we didn't have a ticket, whatever that is.

The first time you got into rock and pop you felt like a phone call and wanted to form a group and thought that rock and pop was so good that it would be almost unthinkable for them not to like it and then be frustrated if they bought back street guys instead?

We' d be playing for ourselves if no one came to us. lf nobody would buy our albums, we'd be playing them. I' ve never given a monkey crack what other folks hear when folks like what we do - Great. Were there times when you felt the tightest sense of being a rock actor?

JG: Every goddamn fucking goddamn fucking goddamn fucking Bruce Brand puts me on a guests' lists. Does your primary activity consist of listening to and listening to music and if not, can you tell us what you do for a living? What do you do for a living? What do you do for a living? Another of my jobs is as a graphic designer (Arthole - "making plate). JG: I' m only in my profession for a musician.

I' m afraid I have to cut movies to make a living. Have you ever thought about daily facts like that I have to foot my bill, I forget to close the doors, etc. while you play on stage? The crowd can go crazy sometimes, are there any best and badest moments that guys from the crowd have ever done on one of your shows?

Never found out how that was happening (although I found out soon) that I was going to go on with my Floor-Tom. JG: Bruce Brand, anyone who can loose their shoe on a drum and then roller around a platform on a dance drum gets my voice. Do you have a lyric you have written that you're almost proud of?

But it was never taped or performed at all. JG: "One Eyeed Barney" never did record, performed by my prom group through a locals' psychopath, I recall once he came to watch us playing and we were sure he would'shave' us, but apparently he was very complimentary - I think he just took our lunch cash.

Are there bands that you can't bear and that have been likened to you at a point where you even loathe them more? JG: I've never listened to a live show like this before - probably a good thing too! Well, we could, but then we'd have to make you magic vanish.

Are you planning on making it as long as possible? JG: Oh yes, but Bruce could open up a range of barbershops if he has one.

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