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punk-rock bands 70s 80s 80s

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((punk new wave) Red hot blue (tribue to cole porter. lp2[edizione] original stereo uk 1990 chrysalis[vinile] Excellent[copertina] Excellent punk new wave.


contains several popular sounds that were influenced during this time and a lot of the usual Robert Smith, the respective record is still well thought out despite the usual murky attacks that have always shaped the sounds of The Cure. This is also a Wish as a whole is a Timeless Album, here we are not facing a Disintigration as in 1989, here is a strong presence of a desire to escape from the shadows in search of love, and this is also demonstrated by the order of the tracks that while passing from one topic to another are never unrerelated, but essential.

There is little to say about this production, which we think is great, simple and exciting, what it conveys to us. The Wish record is an record in which the atmospheres are typical of the melancholy that has shaped many works of Cure, but it is also a hymn to life and the joy of living and being there, because beyond the bright and mellow atmospheres that are present in many songs, there is still the typical dress of Cure.

Therefore it is enough to consider From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea as a real psychedelic delirium, a truly epic track of a group that, if you can finally enjoy the nominee, has a lot to say this year 2019 in Rock & Roll All Fame.

And the story is all of them thanks to this amazing wish made in the studios of Shipton Manor, a recording studios in Oxfordshire, the first real UK studios. And when you think about it while listening to this album, The Cure were the first in the wave of new genres, and the album we talked about is also made for the big audience that the bands were and are used to.

Take a ride on the Potify or wherever you want, but don't miss a passage that is so smooth, velvety and rocky. Questi sono i The Cure. Boris Williams - percussion, batteriaBrani:

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