Punk Rock Bands 2014

2014 Punk Rock Bands

We' re back on the melodic punk rock blog to talk about bands, punk rock and new releases! It' s time this week for one of my favourite bands of the last time! DE ) More punk subgenres, su punkmusic.about. com, December 7, 2014.

And to pay tribute to the Dead Drops, a band that unites some of the most famous musicians of the Italian punk scene. Lavrence Arms - 2014 - Metropolis.

Great American melodic punk rock in AlmagiĆ  with implants and counterpunch

The Implants are a super group of melodic punk rock formed in 2011 by members of important bands from the Southern California punk scene such as Strung Out, Pulley, Ten Foot Pole and The Tank. In 2013 the first Implants album, "From Chaos to Order", was released under the French-American label Effervescence Records, which is already well known for the production of Belvedere, Mute but also for renowned European bands like Uncommonmenfrommars and This is a Standoff.

Although they are a young group, the Implants are already an established group, as the quintet from which they are formed includes Chris Del Rio and Chris Dalley, bass and drums by Ten Foot Pole, Rob Ramos (Strung Out), Jim Blowers (Pulley) and Ken Conte, singer of Brown Lobster Tank.

"From Chaos to Order" is a beautiful dive into the past, into the Californian school of the 90s, into everything that brought good Californian bands to the Old Continent fifteen years ago, with sounds that have become more current to this day. The nature of the group, however, is more friendly and carefree. Produced, mixed and edited by Matt Allison (Alkaline Trio, The Menzingers, Less Than Jake) at Atlas Studios in Chicago and mastered by Chris Fogal (Implants) at Black In Bluhm Studios in Denver, "Bruises" offers great shooting pieces that combine the essential elements of the Californian melodic punk scene of the 90s with modern melodic alternative punk rock.

A recently formed group of musicians already known in the Italian punk rock scene, Lorenzo Zangheri, Alan Salgarella and Federico Tanzi directly from the historic BeerBong melodic backing vocal, bass and guitar. Franceso Labanti on drums and Stefano Penazzi on guitar were added to this new project, the tone is a special mixture of hard-core melody rich in harmonies and stop-and-go heartbreak.

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