Punk Rock Bands 2000

Rock Punk Bands 2000

The rock music of the last 25 years is full of good artists and bands. Established in 1994 in Pisa, they were originally simply called "The Zen" until the year 2000. The best Pop-Punk/Emo-Bands of the late 90s and early 2000s - 7 Best Rockbands of the 2000s | Beat Alternative Rockbands of the early 2000s. Ninety-nine things you'll only understand if you were a teenager in the early 2000s. Pop Punk di Modena.

From 1990 to 2015 one rock group per year.

Contemporary rock music has left us an infinite number of incredible, valid and successful artists in the last half century. The Californian metal pop band, which was born on the web and has a steadily growing fan base, releases Jenny Death, an LP with hard and raw music, including elements of progressives and punk rock.

In the last fifty years, rock bands have given us countless unbelievable performers. With their most celebrated record "Violator", they create a definite gulf between the new waves of the past ten years and rock alternatives that are getting ever nearer thanks to eternal hit songs like "Personal Jesus" and "Enjoy the Silence".

Not only is this the same year of Freddie Mercury's passing and the debut of Nirvana's debut LP "Nevermind", but also the year of an alternate rock landmark like Loveless by the Irishman bands, with distortion, noise screens and dreaming guitar at the same aime. Straight back from the hit of "Out of Time" and the last year's track "Losing My Religion", these rock huges try a new record and songs like "Everybody Hurts".

Having rediscovered themselves as the top bands of those years, they released In Utero almost a year before Kurt Cobain's deathbed. Another iconical group of those years, they performed their biggest smash, Zombie, from "No Need To Argue", a harsh protest ballad against the terror. This all rock group with the epochs "Mellon Collie" and "Infinite Sadness" undoubtedly proves that it has produced one of the best works of this century, including "1979" and "Tonight, Tonight".

Perhaps Thom Yorke and his colleagues will publish their best CD, OK Computer, with "Karma Police" and the core piece "No Surprises". This year the trip-hop duet shows us what they consist of with their etheric hits Teardrop from their cloudy virtuoso work "Mezzanine". The Damon Albarns British pop band create a naive and easy to play record, "13", in opposition to the brittleness of the last one, as you can see on the cute " Coffee & TV ".

Parachutes " and the Yellow we have the d├ębut of the Britisch Pop-Rock-Band. Mathew Bellamy's alto rock group, years before stadium rides around the globe, released "Origin of Symmetry" with "New Born", with tough guitars and very tight tracks. Publication of the new record () by the beloved Iranian group icon of post-rock, with imperceptible atmosphere and completely performed in the fictive voice "Hopelandic".

Elephant ", the garages rock band's forth album, has at last achieved world renown, above all thanks to the Seven Nation Army, which is better known in Italy as the 2006 FIFA World Cup 2006 hot item. We are thrilled by the norwegian indie-pop duet with a lovely tune, "Misread", which started a hot season in Italy and Europe with a very similar tone to Simon & Garfunkel.

Second Damon Albarn's group demonstrate their skill at skilfully blending popular music, trip/hip-hop and alternate rock, also thanks to Feel Good Inc. Combining neo-soul and popularity, the US duo's debut will be the result of the release of the single Crazy, the world's top 10, which will be memorable in Italy at a Vodafone square.

Ruby, the best-known member of the independent group, is at the top of the list in Europe. Indepie -Rock, Psycedelia and Syntop are the success formulas of Oracular Spectacular, with "Kids" and Zeit To Pretend. British group released "In This Lights And On This Evening", with a very 80's style similar tone, and stage songs like "Papillon".

With My Beatiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Rock Arts and Advanced Quote and a massively hip-hop product, the US rapper/producer shows that he is more than a centimetre above his mate. Like the White Stripes, the Garagenrock duet achieves world-class status with the attractive Lonely Boy and "Gold On The Ceiling".

Her dark, electric record (III) is her more than dignified swan song to the last years' great score, released before the departure of the former vocalist Alice Glass. "Random Access Memories' With Get Lucky," they marked the beginning of the discotheque review of those years, with an orginal record that included powerful notes of popular, electronics, and 80' note, as in "Instant Crush. Your band's songs were the first to be released in the early 1980s.

With Ultraviolence, the US vocalist once again shows us an Album full of melancholic, dark but also sympathetic sings. The California Industrial-Hip-Hop-Trio with Jenny Death, a web native with a steadily expanding following, is releasing an Album with hard and raw material, including progressives and punkrocklements.

It is their mixture on the contrapodes that makes them one of the most inventive musically phenomenon of the last ten years.

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