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This is Xfect Day & The Punkin' Dead Live on TNT. The Sicilian Hard Rock Band from Italy, with energetic grooves, scratchy sound and punk rock attitude! Indy Rock with Punk attitude: Punk Rock Against War: la compilation di Inconsapevole Records. Gdansk, while "Surfers" is a homage to the surf-punk attitude of the Hard-Ons. The Cute Boy Discount returns to Bratmobile's Agit Prop Rock without the setting.

Rock Punk Birds - Photo di Friday Attitude, Trou d'eau Douce

On the advice of a large number of travelers, this review has been automatically translated into Italian and may not be a perfect copy of the original. Having just returned from a beautiful Friday vacation, we were greeted from the beginning by the kind employees and the kind welcome services went on during our sojourn.

and we got just that. room 116 was situated on the seafront promenade and was completely privately furnished with a large terrace & large couch and..... H0tels_Management, General Manager all Friday Attitude, has risks a quest recension.


If Bad Religion had come later, they would probably sound like this. In the mid-90s, the rancids were part of the new punk wave that conquered the world without taking prisoners. Pennywise is a California hard-core melody group. In the wake of the success of the punk of.....

Babes In Toyland are among the spearheads of female rock band Nineties, a powerful group of musicians from all over the world....... Against The Grain" concludes the most creative triptych of the work of Bad Religion, which began with "Suffer"..... It goes without saying that the British Crass were the most important anarchistic-punkist formation of all time.

When their first record was released, CCCP - Fedeli ia Linea have already released two EPs, "Ortodossia" (1984) and..... It is one of the best punk albums of all time, although it is compared to the founding of the group and by a..... In the early 80s, Los Angeles was not only under the grip of the hardcore phenomenon.

"There' s more need for punk today than there was ten years ago."

In the ten years of life of Home **ck Bar they have played artists who have written the history of Italian music (and not) and as a result of local music. A party dedicated to the "rock attitude" that has always distinguished both Home and the group. I discussed this, her latest project, the current political situation and much more with Noyse and Paletta.

HRB: Let's start with your last project, the imbalance: In a historical period in which the realization of music is faster and faster and more superficial (especially the recent ones after a few tracks get bored), you decided to go "against the flow" and bring out a "concept EP". Let's just say we landed halfway to the record label.

HRB: The punks have always been the anti-system. Historically and naturally, punk has always been the voice of the antisystem. Now that those who have always called themselves anti-systems have come to government, do you think anything has changed or will change? But Noyse: First of all, it always makes me laugh when I hear the Lega di Salvini talking about the anti-system, because within the system, within the government, they have been there for twenty years... And it makes me particularly strange to see how people believe in it.

And at the same time I can't imagine how those of the five-star movement who drop all the fine words that have been said before can be defined as "Government of Change" that also become part of the old system. And Noyse: ....especially by working with a party that has supported Berlusconi for twenty years.

This place was born as a home for those who had a soul, an attitude, more rock'n'roll, more punk. Today, in 2018, what does it mean to be punk? Noyse: I am very interested in answering this question. Being punk today, as an attitude, is even more important than before.

You can see and feel that it is a place where music is lived and hosted. You can breathe rock'n'roll and I have to say that such a warm "stage" was long overdue. The concept that a person can go to a club and listen to good live music is always something positive and that has been missing in recent years in Italy.

So the music lives live... with distorted guitars!

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