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Rock Punk Artists

Punk Rock, a compilation of different artists. Riccobellis are an Infected by Ramones Punkrockband from Brescia Italy. Rock punk against war was a great success! Explore the most popular artists with punk rock tags and find new music. The CUT are a rock and roll/punk/noise trio from Italy.

About the CLAN - Folk n' Roll

From 2014 to 2018 they played more than 250 concerts, travelled between Italy and Europe, played on important stages, became headliners at many festivals and supported leading artists of the punk and popular scene. They always manage to involve the audience in dances, animations and catchy choirs, but they also have a very powerful tone that easily triggers the fog.

In their records and concerts they work together with many artists, among them: Punkreas, Shandon, Vallanzaska, Folkstone, The Rumjacks, The Real McKenzie, The Mahones, Andre Toselli (Aka Andrea Rock di Virgin Radio) and molti Altri. They have a punk rock and folk mash-up style with lots of old fashioned belgian and Irish sounds.

You have published 3 records and are now working on the 4. Between 2014 and 2018 they performed more than 250 gigs, travelled between Italy and Europe, entered important venues, became headliners at many international punk shows and supported important artists of the punk and traditional music world. The Clan can be described as a kind of "party band": they were often the first choices for "Irish parties" and "Celtic festivals".

Always involving the public with dance, animation and immersive choir, they also have a strong punk tone that could trigger a simple one. This clan has many cooperations with great artists like : These are Modena City Ramblers, Shandon, Vallanzaska, Folkstone, The Rumjacks, The Real McKenzie, The Mahones, Andre Toselli (Aka Andrea Rock di Virgin Radio) et viele andere.

Place Scadenti Punk Rock

Born out of the ashes of Thunderlake and Never Mind the Dead Stars will be officially formed on 27 March 2009, the group consists of Alex on vocals, Nichola on guitar, Max on drums and Teo on bass. After the Scadenti (cut off) job most of the clubs in the area have shot and played many covers, they start to write their own songs... after 10 months of a good job and exciting life, Alex leaves the group for personal reasons... In January 2010 Michele Felli takes Alex's place.

After only 4 months of work with the new line-up, our first DEMO Living In Studio entitled "Dal Purgatorio Al Paradiso" (From Purgatory to Paradise) was released on 4 May 2010. In August 2011, after a long work, finally their first album with 11 unreleased songs entitled "E Quindi uscicimmo a Riveder Le Stelle" will be released...In October 2012 we will be part of the "Punk Underground Disastrous Compilation" together with punk groups from all over Italy and are the winners of the competition: ALL YOU NEED IS PUNK DI OTTOBRE, so that we will be part of the ALL YOU NEED IS PUNK COMPILATION VOL....

IV....Just at this time, in autumn 2012, the Poor Stars are taking a pause for thought during which Michele decides to leave the group for personal reasons.

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