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A rare screen printing poster with a work of art, highly collectable in the USA. I can't wait to wait for Oviedo Punk Rock City tomorrow. Wholesale Punk Rock Art from Lotti Punk Rock Art at Low Cost, Buy from Reliable Punk Rock Art Wholesaler. Arts & Entertainment are our strengths. For some, "art" is the opposite of stone: cut, timid, elitist.

Punk Post: 1978-1984 - Simon Reynolds

Continuous of the artificial rock, otherwise uninterrupted, that covered the 70's...... expresses the dignity of the individualistic culture of art rock, the glory that one can have.... Rock has never taken a definitive position on art. For some, "art" is the art-rock claim of the "progressive" music according to Sergeant Pepper's.

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In many cases, the admission of adults and children with autism spectrum disorders/ASD to the emergency room is a problem both for the patient with ASD, who often suffers from inappropriate interventions and not always necessary psychiatric treatments, and for the medical and nursing staff, who are often unable to understand the bizarre behavior and unexpected reactions of the patient.

The " Fondazione Bambini and Autismo Onlus ", in collaboration with the emergency department of the hospital of Pornone, has drawn up an intervention protocol that organises the actions, knowledge and skills of the various actors involved and shows an operational-strategic and clinical way to ensure the success of the medical intervention for patients with ASD.

To download the protocol, click here.

Progressive Rock in the Age of Punk and New Wave 1976-1989 - Lorenzo Barbagli

some albums) of Univers Zero, Art Zoyd, Pendragon, etc.). Zoyed.... Hourbettes tend to depersonalize and copy the ideas of the Magmas in the..... Long and it's the most extreme one produced by Art Zooyd. Industrial noises, threatening Bordons and concrete music mix in a mammoth stream.... maximum. from The Art of Melody.....

rocker Archivi

Less than a year after the release of the very successful "Marauder", the New York based group announces this new and unexpected single "Fine Mess", which will be accompanied by new dates on the American tours. These three minutes and fourteen seconds of dark punk post-op, unveiled in the " Final Mass ", are proof of this.

You can remain unbelieving and wonder, but are they just them? They are the same ones that came out some time ago in the constant search for a dimension of "brothel" with a garages rock record full of psychotic sounds. It was they who did it, and today, just three years later, the evolutionary leap seems to have come to an end (?).

The London based group will release one of the most interesting albums of this year 2011, typical sounds of the 80s, the exploration of almost instrumental environments and a latent psychadelian background that makes the sounds less aggressive and reinforces the forms and images. New single for Franz Ferdinand, from the longplayer " You Could Have It So Viel Better ".

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