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Rock Punk Albums

Pop power and punk rock, naturalmente, restano coordinate the main points. " Next to Ruin" is the eighth album of the Tuscan punk rock trio LATTE+. A twisted song about stubborn garage punk. Punkrock band from the province of Milan, Italy. The new album La revolution bourgeoise is by the historic Palermo garage punk band Criminal Party.

01) Husker Du - Savage Young Du (Numero Group)

We asked a dear friend: Diego Curcio to put together the best of the punk that was released in 2017. Music journalist (not only), author of two books ("Noise of Paper - History of the Italian Punk and Hardcore Fanzines 1977 - 2007" and "Children of the Devil - Biography of Dirty Actions"), curator of the German TV show "Hello Bastards", living in Genoa in the evening and big seventies of record stores looking for a cheap punk record!

And that'?s what you say when you sell your underwear to buy a new record. If you go back to the charts, you might not find many interesting records among these 20 albums for the simple fact that I didn't physically have the opportunity to hear them. I' m talking about the Lillingtons record (a group I love, but which I think has released a useless album), Propagandhi's (for 15 years they broke my balls, although I love their first three records to madness) and many fat things that seem light years away to me, for quality and necessity, from the releases some time ago.

But here is the ranking of this year 2017 (some things come from my blogs), but the list is updated and above all expanded, also with a few reprints). Husker Du, my favourite group, has released the year' s record, which hasn't released a new one since 1987.

In fact, there's almost a whole CD of unreleased songs that are simply wonderful, straight out of Huksers first furious period, and surprisingly much more melodic and punk than you might expect. Pieces between power-pop and post-punk that show how Mould, Hart and Norton already knew where they were coming from.

Su Spotify. The Compra Cabinet in CD and Vintage Su Amazon. I' ve been waiting for this record for years, but I say years: decades and weeks. This " King Dork etc. " on the other hand is a great record. There are very good melodies, a bit more drawn and other soft but well written pieces and you can hear the jump of old Frank who fell in love with us so much 20 years ago.

Su Spotify. CD su Amazon. My friend Jeff's Kids Capitalists have undoubtedly released their best ever record. The perfect record from the Trump era. Su Spotify. And Ascolta su Bandcamp. CD and vintage su Amazon. My favorite harcore bands include the Down Town Boys: a devastating live group () I saw a year and a half ago in Imperia and haven't recovered yet.

"Lebenshaltungskosten " is a less disturbing thread than its predecessor "Full Communism", but it remains a record in which punk and hard-core find a very original way to be together. Su Spotify. And Ascolta su Bandcamp. CD and vintage su Amazon. Also in this case it's a second record, which appears after a masterpiece debut, the fantastic "How are you?" and then "Dei malati" remains by its own power a step below this miracle.

Apart from that, this is a wonderful record that can literally be learned by heart. Dalton is a unique and exciting group, with rock, punk, funk and push singer songwriters. Because this year, besides the unbeatable Husker-Du-Box set I'm talking about above, she also re-released two main records of the Californian punk scene (but at this point I'd say Welt etc.!) of the 80's: the two collections with the almost complete discography of Crimpshrine's "Theound of a new word being born" and "Duct tap sound", which were originally released on Lookout and are currently unattainable for human figures.

And if I just mention the first of the two albums here, they're both real bombs. Krimpshrine was a cult member of the Gilman Street Tour which was founded in the early 80s by Jeff Ott, who then created the equally fantastic Fifteen. An excellent fusion of pop-punk and hard-core that has established itself in the Berkeley-San Francisco scene (think Jawbreaker, J Church, Operation Ivy, Monsula and Pinhead Gunpowder).

It consisted of political activists, young houseless people and squatters who played an abrasive, fast and sincere punk. A beautiful and coarse shot that must be restored. Su Spotify. The Compra winile su Amazon. Anne and Manuela (although she is sometimes replaced live by Bernardo) are two tough guys of mine who play a kind of punk los fi acid, but at the same time melodic, which literally drives me crazy.

After a few years of stopping, they have been playing again for about 12 months and have just baked a record (for the time being only on cassette, soon also on vinyl), which is one of the most beautiful things I have heard in these years. The album is a kind of approach (not demanding) about the First Republic and includes songs like "Demichelis", "Sigonella", "Craxi", "Fanfani" and "Love Party" (ok, I said they all).

A tangle of irony, punk minimalism and sick and shrill melodies. And Ascolta su Bandcamp. Lucia and his fantastic friends (that's the full name of the band) have earned the gallons in the field and with this third album (if you count second, they reach full maturity with their Essere split).

Leisfa is a hard-core granite group, consisting of young people around 25 years old (so young, come on) who have managed to find a personal touch despite the genre. The rhythms in this "liturgy of failures and defeats" are somewhat slower than in the first albums, but there are still walls of stormy guitars, angry songs and introspective lyrics full of paths.

One of the best Italian hard-core bands of the last ten years (highly recommended also live). And Ascolta su Bandcamp. A harvest of genoese and ligurian groups who, starting from punk, have managed to develop very special and really avant-garde sounds for this time. The first CD is perhaps "Rock", even if it is fluid and experimental; the second, on the other hand, collects the most artistic Ligurian experiences and is dedicated to electronics.

This is certainly not Rancid's best record, but we have to admit that Tim, Lars and Co. rarely release albums that are completely forgotten (like recently on Green Day and for at least 15 years on Offspring, to name just the triad of punk from the charts of the 90s).

Because if instead of the usual 17-19 tracks (depending on the edition of the record) a dozen would have been released, we would be faced with an entirely different caliber record. But still the cool songs are not missing (the first trio is stubborn) and it is always a great pleasure to hear a new record from these bad guys with whom many of us have grown and aged.

Su Spotify. CD and vintage su Amazon. Finally someone (Area Pirata, and who else?) managed to re-release the records of Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, a historic and devastating Tuscan hc tape of the 80s. One dozen years after the beginning of the Italian hard-core review of the eighties, these sacred monsters of the genre can enjoy a lush and excellent new edition (double vinyl or double CD) that will delight all those who were not even born when Dome and Dyd inflamed the stages of half the world.

In the grooves of this exaggerated record you can find the whole CCM discography, from the first very violent singles to the unique and beautiful record "Into the void". And Ascolta su Bandcamp. But this new group has nothing to do with the hc of the good old days, but it's a wonderful mix of garages, beats, surfs, rock pubs and rock'n'roll that I've rarely been lucky enough to hear.

The record is equally divided into two parts: The A-side in Italian is geared towards the sixties beats, while the B-side in English sounds much more garaged and on the edge of psychedelia. An unusual and very risky choice, because if you alternate Italian and English in a single record, the shit is around the corner.

And instead "Crimine beat" is a really unique record. And Ascolta su Bandcamp. The Aspettavo questo disto de mezi. And more precisely, because I heard the first two deadly singles - "Human Race" and "I don't mind" - of this Roman volume (another revelation from the capital).

Humanity plays with a disarming naturalness, like the English and American punk groups of 77, especially the losers and the B-series, which often escape the classic lists of essentials. Maybe the effect of this beautiful vinyl released by Cleveland's meritorious Dead Beat is less disturbing than the first two singles I mentioned at the beginning (but on the album there's the wonderful "I don't mind"), but "Negative" remains a valuable and vivid record, genuine and so sincere that you will enjoy it like a hedgehog.

During the last days of the year, when I was like a jerk on the web, I happened to come across Patsy's tiny record, "LA ladies MLP": a little less than 15 minutes of parking, played at a thousand per hour and with little technical knowledge. Su Spotify. And Ascolta su Bandcamp.

It' hard for me to think about putting an single or one on a list of the best albums of the year (otherwise it would be the list of the best single). The three tracks of the eponymous albums (which can be found on the band camp) are deadly like hardly anything else this year.

It' also not bad the sequel "Sick of pasta", this time printed in 7" and a bit more drawn (4 pieces in 5 minutes closer to the things done with Shitty Life). But since I have to decide between the two records, I decide immediately for the debut: an urgent "album" - as they once said - and irresistible.

And Ascolta su Bandcamp. Maybe the third Strypes record has little to do with punk and it's just a nice popular record. But it is undeniable that the sounds on this album shamelessly remind us of the power-pop or speed-pop scene of the late 70s, which had many things in common with punk, especially the restoration of rock'n'roll roots that prosec had lost.

Back to the Strypes, these very young Irish seem more like musicologists who are able in every record to reinvent themselves completely, playing with philological perfection and undisputed talent as their favourite groups of the past. After a very rocky debut with MC5, Rolling Stones and Dr. Feelgood and a very bad Faux Pas with a rather flat second record, these young people came back in 2017 with an amazing homage to the English style of powerful hop I was talking about earlier.

Maybe a calligraphic record and, as I said, philologically to paroxysm (does the cover mean anything to you?), but also a collection of excellent songs. Su Spotify. CD and vintage su Amazon. Punk also has something to do with this case and not with it, because if we wanted to find a quick definition at the Smudjas in Milan, the most suitable might be "grunge".

Dinosaur Jr. in shockegaze sauce, with a melancholic female voice, hoarse and bedded in the right place. Seven pieces of nebulous rock and guitar, with walls of thick sounds like clouds of smoke and swirling rhythms. I was lucky to see the live performance of the group in Utopia a few days ago on a magical evening full of good music and beer.

And Ascolta su Bandcamp. The Goonies ulo o une belle me bandage preferred. And I' m not saying that because we have been friends for a long time; the fact is that this guys group - to quote one of their old songs - knows how to make me happy with a few simple steps: fast and melodic sounds like the pop-punk bands of 25 years ago, songs that stick to your brain and an incredible attitude.

Of course 80% of the six tracks on this tiny record were already part of the band's repertoire (so once I put the CD on, I started singing the songs by heart), but apart from my fans excursions (I've seen them 1457893 times live) I think it's impossible for anyone listening to punk rock not to love this record and not to worship its sincerity.

It is rare to hear the same record for more than 3 or 4 days in a row and to have new and old material to listen to again and again (the beautiful and ugly on the Internet). Comra su Bandcamp. Because under the brand of the magazine that I have to manage, this beautiful black vinyl has appeared on which, thanks to a recording of excellent quality, this historical concert has been immortalized.

These grooves contain all the disruptive and dissonant power of the MUCs: a mixture of devo, punk, garages and cheap cabbage. And Ascolta su Bandcamp. Sottoterra. Apart from the brilliant title and the fact that I've known these guys for a long time (ok, it's the fourth Genoese group, but what am I supposed to do with it?), "One, two, threesome" by Injection, published by the Genoese independent record company (and shop) Flamingo Records, is a melodic Californian-style hard-core jewel, as anachronistic as it is funny.

Inca, Saul, Dani and Fraz really don't bother to hide their musical influences (Good Riddence and Strike Anywhere above all), they are interested in playing short and pissed off pieces, with a bit of melody that immediately convinces. The song below is not part of the album because I can't find the songs of "One, two, threeesome" on video channel YouTube.

And Ascolta su Bandcamp.

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