Punk Rock Acoustic Songs

Rock Punk Acoustic Songs

They are bands who make acoustic covers of some of their popular songs. These are the songs on the CD: The NOFX do their normal high-energy and melodic punk rock with some slower songs. Raduno Punk Rock is in Ma Prima un Caffè. An acoustic homage to Tony Sly.

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On October 2nd Bearded Punk, Inconsapevole, Morning Wood and NoReason Records release a splits with Hans Roofthooft from Belgium (former F.O.D. singer/guitarist) and Matteo Caldari from Italy (former 7-year-old singer/bassist). Both Hans and Matteo will share the stage with Mr Joey Cape (Lagwagon) in Genk and Milan during his upcoming European tours.

It is an acoustic journey influenced by a number of popular and punk rock songwriters including Joey Cape, Greg Graffin and John K. Samson. ENG: On October 2, 2017 Bearded Punk, Inconsapevole, Morning Wood and NoReason Records are releasing an awesome splitting record with Hans Roofthooft from Belgium (F.O.D. singer/guitar) and Matteo Caldari from Italy (7YEARS singer/bass).

Hans as well as Matteo will be sharing the stages with Mr. Joey Cape (Lagwagon) in Genk and Milan during his forthcoming Europe tours. It is an acoustic journey inspired by punk rock and folksongwriters like Joey Cape, Greg Graffin and John K. Samson. Altogether 10 Track, 5 acoustic songs each, available in CD and digital shops.

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ENG - On 7.7.2017 comes "Lifetime", the new album of 7YEARS, 13 tracks, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tommaso Bandecchi (Ice Factory Production). The release of the band's fourth album is expected through the release of the Chiara Borredon cover song "Lifetime", a series of repertoire images that, in about three minutes of the piece, condense the band's existence from its beginnings to the recording sessions of this new record.

It ends with a thank you to those who have accompanied the group on their journey from the ups and downs of 2001 to the present day. On June 5th, the lyrical videotape of "Never Down" will be released, the fifth track on the album that features one of the band's reference points, with whom they had the pleasure and honour of sharing the stage more than once in the past, JOEY CAPE.

On the album is also represented ROOFTHOOFT by Belgian F.O.D., one of the most popular bands of the current punk CC scene: Hanns appears on the third track "DIY OR DIE". Also FABRIZIO PAGNI (TASTERS, NORTHE), a long-time friend of the group, who had already recorded the Hammond solo of "Your Salvation" on the second album "Photograms" (2007).

The " Launch Partys " will take place during the Leghorn label festivals from 4th to 5th to 6th August at Surfer Joe in Livorno (free entry), with many other bands participating on the 3 days and this will be announced shortly. On August 7, they will play at the Bolgheri and on August 14, the 7-year-olds will have the pleasure to play at the second edition of the Bay Festival: they will be part of the amazing cast of the second day of the Bay Fest in the province of Bimini, now in the second edition, together with RELIGION BATH, TENNYWISE, GOOD RIDDANCE, SHANDON, ANDEAD and LINTERNO.

Tommaso Bandecchi - On 7.7.2017, "Lifetime", the latest 7YEARS record will be published with 13 songs that have been taken and mix by Tommaso Bandecchi. Chiara Borredon has shot a videoclip from the cover song "Lifetime" which will be published shortly before the forth record of the group is officially out. It contains three minute archival material from the band's story, from the début to the final recordings of the upcoming record.

It ends with a big thank you to everyone who has followed the bands through their ups and downs throughout their lives from 2001 to today. The lyrical videoclip of "Never Down", in which Joey Cape, longtime boyfriend and inspirational figure of the 7YEARS with whom 7YEARS entered the scene several times, can be seen, will also be published on 5 June.

Lagwagon's front man attended the Cage Theater in Livorno during the Me First and Gimme Gimmes tours last season and took the opportunity to accompany the group on the recordings and sealing this song with his own work. Part of the record is the performance of Hans Roofthooft of FOD, one of the most renowned bands of today's punk CC community, who is singing in the third song "DIY or die".

Fabrizio Pagni (Tasters), an old boyfriend of the group, who played the Hammond solos in the track "Your Slavation" from the Photograms longplayer (2007), also performs again with synthesis and keyboards in "Im Namen von was" and in "For better or for worse". During the annual edition of the Livorno disc labels annual festivals, the free entry to the Livorno Surfer Joe from August 4th to 5th to August sixth is planned for the formal opening ceremony, where several groups will take part in the three-day show.

7years will be playing at the Bolgheri Festival on August 7 and at the second Bay Fest in Rimini on August 14 they will be represented by renowned groups such as bad religion, Pennywise and Good Riddance.

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