Punk Rock 2016

Rock Punk 2016

André Lucato: voice, bass Leonardo Fabrs: guitar, choirs Michele Mura: drums, choirs released on 12 March 2016. Re: Download Russian punk rock songs 2016. PUNK ROCK HIP HOP MASH-UP. Pazzanese Irene - March 30, 2016. of Trump at the 2016 Republican Primary - but she is somehow a victory.

Punk Rock Holidays 2016: Campsite, skates and www. punk. com.

The best punk rock meeting in Europe takes place in a small Slovenian village on the border with Italy, in a breathtaking natural setting. by Luca Cescon - To say what punk rock holidays are, to convey the atmosphere that one lives during the event, and to convey to the reader the emotions that the audience and the musicians experience, one premise must be assumed: it is one of the most interesting musical events in Europe and perhaps the world when we talk about punk rock and melodic Hardcore.

It is located in the small Slovenian village of Tremin, on the border with Italy, surrounded by the rivers So?a and Tolminka and surrounded by greenery. PRH 1. 6 takes place just outside the city centre in a truly spectacular natural setting. Before starting the shows I will take a walk in the area dedicated to this year's Punk Rock Holiday.

The internal area, separated by a control of backpacks and passports, welcomes the public with a small booth dedicated to the merchandise of the bands (really poor during the festival), a barber, some banquets with hand-made objects, the pavilion of Fat Wreck Chords and that of Bird Attack Records, as well as a booth with American socks and a vinyl and various CDs.

This is perhaps the only negative note of Punk Rock Holiday that also proves how to cope in the culinary field: vegans, carnivores, lovers of Indian food and drinkers of beers and cocktails (recommended the "melon ball") can really be considered satisfied. Indeed, the principal platform is impressive as it is located at the foot of an open space surrounded by tall trees that form a kind of corridor that is covered by the organisers of the pieces of wood so as not to have to stir up too much dust.

I decide to go to the beach, where I immediately find an "American Pie" situation: The stage is smaller, in front of it a covered area for the audience is not huge, but still enough to have fun. Day 1 of the Punk Rock Holiday will only be on the main stage, from 19.00.

The highlights of the evening are Lagwagon and Sick Of It All, the cornerstones of punk rock and hardcore respectively. Before them I was surprised by Versus The World, an American group dedicated to sincere and adult punk. The two leading bands don't disappoint expectations, and they produce a concert of experience and charge: Joey Cape's guys are on their last date of the show (together with Versus The World and Useless ID), but they still manage to give it all on stage.

Each day is divided as follows: small platform (beach platform) from 13:00 to 18:00 and central platform from dinner to 02:00. Right on the shore I can see our compatriots X-State Ride with their hard-core melody Propagandhi and the very interesting Maine Line 10, while on the central theater the Marches Edward In Venice blow up the audience with their closeness to bands like Belvedere and This Is A Standoff.

Milo Aukerman's line-up drives everyone crazy, between great classics and the tracks of the new "Hypercaffium Spazzinate". The expected rain unfortunately rains the whole night and the whole next day and climbs at the beginning of the concerts on Wednesday on the lido by some hours. Nevertheless, Punk Rock Holiday shows a certain ability to escape the weather, and the public easily adapts and covers itself with capes, garbage bags, sweatshirts and inflatable mattresses like umbrellas.

Coral Springs, a group I heard before I left, opens the day. The Dutch group is led by the powerful and tuneful voice of singer Jo, and the result is a very pleasant punk rock/pop punk without formalities, dedicated to singing along. Another moment of pride with our Thanx 4 All The Shoes, one of the flagships of the peninsula's hard-core melody scene.

Around 8 pm I finally see one of my favourite rock bands of the last years live, the London Apologies, I Have None. The quartet of bands that finished the third day of Punk Rock Holiday is really devastating. It starts with A Wilhelm Scream, a group that doesn't miss a beat, between speed, melody and technical details (bassist and drummer are the components I like most).

After that NOFX seems to have all the tickets to be one of the coolest groups of Punk Rock Holiday (I'm one of the headliners)...but actually very disappointing both in terms of the schedule and the concert itself. As a lover of New York hard-core I enjoy the concert of flag bearer Agnostic Front, who is on the road with his latest album "The American Dream Died".

Strung Out, a group that always knows what it's about and proves it with a hard-core melody about skating, sends everyone to bed. Finally on the beachside I can see Such Gold one of the bands that represents the young and technical punkrock of the last years the most.

The most beautiful aspect of the festival is perhaps that: Under the hood it's fun, the staging is free (especially on the front stage), the "little" bands get applause like the most famous bands and in the air you can see that luck is contagious. 30, just to break the genre departments a little, the Deez Nuts play on the big stages.

Although it's a group that has nothing more to say or give as gym work, you have to pay tribute to JJ and his gang: The show is devastating, you jump on the notes of "Like There's No Tomorrow" and "Stay True" and under the stage you create the crowd typical for the hardcore party maker.

Then The Flatliners calm the water with a well played and very remarkable rock and then leave the stage of another group I loved very much. Authority Zero is really the group you wouldn't expect: active since the mid-1990s, they've managed to involve everyone with a modern tone that leads directly to a beach skatepark or collegiate party.

Fast, direct, melodic and innovative (on some tracks the voice of Jason DeVore seems almost like rap), Authority Zero really takes the lead. The evening final isn't the best for me, with Donots (practically a popular band...) and Jello Biafas Band (former front man of Dead Kennedys) bringing me out of the box from the first track.

In the evening the Muncie Girls turn out to be one of the most interesting discoveries of the punk rock/indie rock scene, with a mixture of carelessness and precision not to be underestimated. At the end of the dances there is No Fun At All and Millencolin, two of the most popular fixed points of the international music scene, and not only punk rock.

The Punk Rock Holiday marks a point in his favor, not only for fans of the genre, but for all lovers of fun and good music.

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