Punk Rock 2000

Rock Punk 2000

" A History of Punk Filed May 10, 2000 in the Internet Archive ". fastnbulbous.com, janvier 1990. Be What you are records presents this purely Italian compilation which was released at the end of last year and gives us a foretaste of the punk rock scene. ( Gli ) Androidi (2000-2003) ( 2014-2015 ) Punk rock.

Volume 2 of Special Punk-Rock, CD (promotion in the appendix of the Rock Sound magazine Special Punk-Rock Vol. 2 February/March 2000) 2000. The Nappster, Punk e Rock dal'90 al 2000, Ostuni, Brindisi.

This Isn' t Love And Peace, It's Fuckin' Anarchy!

It is neither a ranking nor an exclusive and final list of the most important albums of the last two decades. There are, to put it more simply, 20 records (and 20 bands) that have left a more or less indelible trace in the history of punk rock over the last 20 years, each in their own way, and have helped to shape it to its present form.

"Dookie ( "Reprise" - 1994)The story of how this record got the Berkeley three from the state of local idols around Gilman St.'s 924 to fill the buildings of half a world has probably been read a thousand times. Just as you probably know, the incredible success of "Dookie", in now distant 1994, paved the way for what was quickly referred to as the "new punk explosion," with all the various offspring, NOFX and Rancid, willing to take advantage of the effects of the crisis and disappear underground.

But if we come back to the excursus of this record, we realize how much it has become over the years more and more a seminal record for all who came after: All the punk groups that came to the fore between the late 90's and early 20's, from Blink 182 on, quote this abundant half hour of inspired (and aspired to) hymns of apathy and rebellion as one of the main reasons that led them to adopt the instruments and form a group.

"The Punk in drublic" (Epitaph - 1994)A record of those who, even if it's 22 years ago, who can't change a comma of your tone, can hardly repeat it. "Kinoleum ", "Don't call me white", "Leave it alone", "The brews", "Lori Meyers", "Perfect government" and all the other songs are part of the musical baggage with which they grew up at least a few generations, if not three generations, of punk rocker.

The classic record that when there was no cyber and spotify yet, the older brother or bank colleague sent back a few years passed on the tape and moved your teenager's little world out of the crowd in search of identity. Whether you love it or not, NOFX are still a lanyard today: If you call yourself a punk crocker or even just a punk rock enthusiast and have never heard "Punk in Druplic" before, there's a good chance you don't understand anything.

"Probably one of the most politically engaged bands of all time: animalists, pro-feminists, anarchists, anti-capitalists and so on. This attitude naturally also applied to the musical industry, to which the Canadian troupe has in no way remained loyal to the free scene over the years.

On this second record, they left the veins of shka and Reggae, which marked the successful and popular debut "How to CLEAN ALLYING ", which included the famous "Ska SUCKS" and "Anti-Manifest", for songs of the hard core, a trend that would become more and more prevalent on all subsequent albums until it almost completely detached itself from the first two works.

"Another key player in the heavy-core melody scene, mainly thanks to the talent of the minute, but very violent singer and leader Joey Cape. "Another group that has helped make Epitaph the most important independent label in the world, as well as an institution in the world of punk rock (yes, okay, maybe a little less now, but that's another speech).

On this fourth record, there was a major line-up change for the Hermosa Beach line-up: in bass we find Randy Bradbury, who takes the place of founding member Jason Thirsk, who died of suicide in 1996. The " Tribut " version of the anthem " is dedicated to him, which closes an record which contains among its best moments two other classics like " Struggle till you the " and " Society ".

"Loved by all fans of the melody style of the Hard Core, with this third Strung Out record will be the emblem of the punk group "geek", on which the punk does not suck away the music. In the following years the songs became classics for the Jason Cruz band: the opener par excellence "Too closed to see", "Mind of my own", "Exhumation of Virginia Madison", "Ultimate devotion" and the intensive "Matchbook".

And last but not least, their Atom became one of the most tattooed logos of punks around the world after this one. Toby Morse's group will begin to make themselves known to the Hard Core audience with this record. They may not be the most famous bands on the scene, but their attitude, their humility and especially their songs have contributed a lot to gaining a discreet following in Europe.

"Instead Friend" is a Marginal Man album, a 80's Washington DC style group. The H20s are also our director's favourite punk group and it was almost impossible not to include them in thissier. If there was anyone in the "new punk explosion" that emerged from the Green Day explosion who embodied the English spirit of '77 with the obvious space-time developments, it was certainly the rancid ones of Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederisken.

Born ( as Billie Joe and partner ) within the walls of the 924 Gilman St. from the ashes of the seminal Operation Ivy, the four of them deserve the title "new Clash" on the field with this "...And out like the wolves", a record that mixes rock'n'roll, punk, ska and oi! more skilfully and classically.

The success of the album of course provoked the anger of the usual purists, but all this now became routine for all bands that were on this wave. On the other hand, if you're able to write hits like "Time Bomb", it shouldn't be easy to stay true to punk ethics. "Today many of you know Chuck Ragan for his solo career, but his hoarse voice has been (and fortunately still, along with that of the other guitarist Chris Wollard) in the service of this amazing Florida based group for years, named after a famous book by Charles Bukowski.

"Fat Wreck Chords - 2002)All the compositional talent of the late Tony Sly is best represented on this record, which probably marks the climax of the Californian band's success. Of course they loved the children of the 90's already since the time of "Leche con carne" (1995), but the last quality leap with "Hard Rock Bottom" enables NUFAN to expand its fan base far beyond the small circle of fans of the skatepunk called skate-punk in the second half of the 90's.

"Internationally You Day" is a small masterpiece in a record that consists only of small gems of the most classic melodic punk-targato-Westküste. "When we talk about California punk (or skin punk, if you prefer), sometime in the 90s even Europe began to have its worthy representatives.

Especially the groups from the stable of the Swedish label Millencolin led label Berning Heart Records. "They bring their " Live on the Platter" and "For Monkeys" to the international stage, but with "Pennybridge Pioneers" they earn a place in Olympus, also thanks to the unique "Penguins and Polar Bears" and "Fox". By the way, her name is the wrong pronunciation of a famous skateboarding gimmick called "Melancholy", and everyone who has been a roller bladder since 1995 has loved (and probably still loves) Nikola Sarcevic's group.

"Encema of the state" (MCA, 1999)Everything is perfect on this third album of the threefold format of Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. "When you say you should arrive at the right time with the right recording. "This is the offspring album we like best, those who are able to write punk/rock songs with a bomb chorus without making shady musical decisions.

"The " Smile " also holds the absolute sales records for an independent house (at that time already recorded for Epitaph, which will make its first gold and platinum plate in one fell swoop, descendants): more than eleven million copies sold worldwide. It' no coincidence that Columbia (Sony) immediately targeted the group... "Smash" is still the offline album (maybe together with "Americana" from 1998), the work of a group that is not yet ready for the single pimp who wants to blink in the charts at any price.

"An ambitious title, but it helped to make this record a real culture in the years that followed. And indeed the whole Emo/Screme scene, which entered the scene a few years later, owes a lot to these 12 tracks, which also polluted many other worlds near punk and hardcore.

"The only single released, New Noise," is the perfect manifold for a record that has rewritten more than one rule: "How can we get any authority to hear when we use the same old part? It was an record that completely detached itself from all the successful punk bands of the time and explored unusual territories such as jazzy, progressiv and even technno.

Undoubtedly, the premature dissolution of the line-up under Dennis Lyxzèn has made the record and the group itself even more "mythological" in order to secure it 13th place in the ranking of the 50 most influential albums Kerrang ever produced in 2003! The DVD "Refused are fucking dead" with interviews with members of the group alternating with unpublished amateur pictures from the short trip after the release of "The shape of punk to come" is also recommendable on the occasion of the re-release of the entire discography of Berning Heart Records in 2004.

"The Hives could not miss this file and their second 2000 record. "Vene veidi vicious" is a little jewel of garages punk, rough to the point, but with melodies and guitar riffs that can attract a much wider audience.

The Swedish quintet is also distinguished by its very elegant look and may differ from the many other groups in the same scene. Uh, Un disco de la assolutamente. "In the midst of a storm of Metalcore-Oemocore-Qualcosacore, this second record of the Frank Carter-led group comes to the ears of children all over the world as strong and unexpected as a slap in the face.

After their excellent debut with the Orchestra of Volves in 2007, the five English musicians signed with Warner and immediately released fears of a possible softening, an even rougher and more violent record than their predecessor. An incendiary bomb in 13 acts, with a primordial punk soul that often merges into Hard Core and PoH territories.

"Matt Skiba's Alkaline Trio has always been a white fly in the punk rock universe of the last 20 years: too little punk to dive into the graces of lovers of the most agressive and rough sounds, too little darkness to please a fans of Cure and the Bauhaus.

However, the record is undoubtedly one of the best punk rock albums of the past ten years, and the messages it contains do not seem to be affected by the much disputed record deal. "Side One Dummy - 2008)In recent years, American punk rock has increasingly begun to "make peace" with what was once hated as classical rock in the United States.

While this second record begins to bring the fabulous qualities of front man Brian Fallon to the world, it also maintains the punk attitude that will fade with the next releases. One of the last bands to be blamed is The Menzingers, currently one of the best bands on the "orgcore" scene, which we mentioned a few days ago.

With this second work, the four Pennsylvanians find the unanimous approval of the public and critics and are deservedly confirmed in the international scene on the shores of those who are more interested in songs than in advertising photo shoots or like Facebook.

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