Punk Rock 1990

Rock Punk 1990

( The ) Campbells (second half of the 90s) Punk-Pop / Punkrock. Derozer(1990-2008) (2012) (2016 ad oggi) Punkrock. History of a punk rock group from Fiè allo Sciliar in South Tyrol. Rock Musica, Rock 1990-99, Rock Classic. " Holidays in the Sun " is the fourth single of the Sex Pistols Punk Band.

Evil guys with a passion for punk rock

Green Day is an American rock group born in 1986 in California, Berkeley. Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar and vocals), Mike Dirnt (bass and vocals), Tré Cool (drums) and Jason White (guitar). Born under another name, Sweet Children, the group played many times in the American punk scene, but was discarded several times because of their sounds that were considered too popular.

The turning point, however, comes with the arrival of drummer John Kiffmeyer (known as Al Sobrante), who organizes a series of concerts in punk environments for which the group is offered to a wider audience. Soon it was decided to change the name, and an American sang expression was used, which means "day spent smoking grass": Green Day.

Briefly, they release the first EP-Gold with the title 1. 000 Stunden and then, in 1990, "39/Smooth", which has a lot of success. In 1991 it was Kerplunk's turn to make the record, without Al Sobrante, who was studying. and it' s appreciated both in America and in Europe.

Shortly after, the group was noticed by some important record companies and in 1994 they signed a contract with Reprise Records. However, the actual consecration takes place in 2004 with the release of the album American Idiot, followed by their longest touring ( 150 dates), which arrives in Japan, Australia, South America and England.

Another important step for the Green Day is the participation in Live 8 in Berlin in 2005. Under these circumstances, I Green Day perform some of their songs as Minority, Holiday, American Idiot and We Are The Champion of Queen. In 2008 the group returned to the recording studios and the following year 21st Century Breackdown was released and the following year their American Idiot record became a show.

In October 2016 the long awaited new album Revolution Radio finally sees the light of day, the twelfth album of the group with 12 songs. Billie Joe Armstrong said after the release of the record: "The recording ranges from the life of a drug addict to the life of a player, from a lone mother to a soldier, depending on how we are all intertwined.

You can read several things in Armostrog's words, but it is certain that the American group has spent the last few years in difficult situations: Billie Joe's drug addiction, Jason White's cancer recovery, and Mike Dirnt's wife's. Green Day is one of the most important bands of the international punk rock scene, clearly inspired by historical bands of the previous generation (Ramones and Flash among them), even though they have always rejected the definition of punk group.

Undoubtedly they have inspired many punk rock bands like Blink 182, Face to Face and many others. The Green Days have always been very concerned about the social problems of the world and are very active in the field of charity, as happened in 2012 during the devastating Hurricane Sandy, which devastated Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, claiming nearly three hundred victims and devastating entire areas.

Under these circumstances, the group published on its official site an address of the American Red Cross to hit its foundations so hard for the population.

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