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Listen to this beautiful royalty-free track of music. Hardcore, Jazz, Ska, Reggae, Post-Punk, New Wave & much more! Classifications. Rough et musique provocante avec laquelle elle a eu du succès dans le monde entier. Grethel, les paillettes punk pour femmes, c'est pour toi : lnouveau CD, merchandising fantastique et original et spectacles live endiablés.


In 2010 the single "Carnevaa" by the Anfrigola & Gatt Band and part of the Bandella Betonica was released for the benefit of the Tamagni Foundation. In 2013 they release their third full-length Circo, 13 tracks plus one novelty, 2 songs Bonuses recorded in Swiss German, an experiment that has entertained the fans a lot. May 2015 they release a new single called "Alza'l bicér!" from a funny video clip that can be seen on youtube. Just like the first time on the web.

It has participated in several important events, among them: Expra: 2 home parties where the bands made themselves available for free, which is what happens on these occasions.

Folk Punk Music Band Metal, AlternativeTop Band DJ Ivrea

Keily's Folk, an Ivrea based Irishman based hill country group, featuring a show of the classics of Ireland tradition, original pieces and covers reworked in an Irishman style key. We offer Celtic music in a modern style: The typical sounds of drums, bass and keyboards merge with traditional instruments like violins and bagpipes to a unique and powerful tone to dance and unleash the magical melodies of Northern Europe!

Original titles for acoustic trios, arrangements and instrumental suites that include jazzy and classical sides, soundtracks and improvisations. It consists of a flute, a guitar and a double bass, supplemented by a.... Perponiamo un repertoire acoustico di musicalazz, rocker, spirit, afro, popular. The great experience that has matured in weddings, ceremonies and clubs makes the group one of the best.....

SILBER package: Acoustic trio guitar, violin, saxophone and three voices Golden package: Acoustic trio + karaoke entertainment with bases PLATINUM package: Acoustic trio + karaoke entertainment with bases + DJ set:..... Intimate and noble atmosphere for weddings, aperitifs, coctails and parties. The CapelliDiLuna duet is the result of the harmonious collaboration of two artists who share a similar musical experience.

We can create intimate and precious atmospheres for weddings, aperitifs, coctails and parties........ Since 2009 we have been offering the cheerfulness of Spanish music in different situations, from special weddings to concerts on the square to country parties, Happy Hoour Dinners, Papaella and Bangria, aperitifs in the music, pubs, discos, wherever you want to organize an event with our leader that includes more than a dozen events ........

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