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Writing pop-punk lyrics. Individual paper correction website Au Hometown: Complimentary dating sites for punks. Create a fun and versatile corporate identity with a touch of punk for a music festival. year. Loudspeaker @ Virgin Radio, Vj @ All Music, Dj, Model.

Pragmatism and dark environments: the disco-punk of A Morte L'Amore

Painting everyday life and mood swings with sharp realism and catapulting the listener into today's social pragmatism: this is the idea behind the project A Morte L'Amore. The punk of the original Taranto province punk troupe does in fact abandon the usual excesses and prefers the objectivity of the lyrics that have always characterized the rebellious musical genre.

There are two different content-related ideas in the body of A Meorte L'Amore (2016): love and death, as in Giuditta or Mi Abracci and Mi Accoltelli, a song in garaged skirt sauce that tells of the emotional distance between two lovers. It is an international style that is expertly supported by the use of the Italian language: a linguistic patriotism that opposes the use of the increasingly widespread English language.

The path of the death of love is tortuous and does not seem at all frightened by the new challenges seen as opportunities for growth.

Dott. Leonardo Paoletta Psicologo e Psicoterapeuta Milano.

Expert in anxiety disorders, depression, psychological traumas, sexual problems, couple crises. I offer individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, couple psychotherapy, counselling and psychological counselling. Psicologo, Psicoterapeuta, Analista Transazionale, Terapeuta EMDR. I work as a psychologist and psychotherapist in Milan and Monza, where I offer psychological counselling, transactional analytical counselling, individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, sexual psychotherapy for couples and counselling for couples.

I am specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders, psychosomatic disorders, the treatment of depression, personality disorders, the treatment of trauma and post-traumatic situations, sexual problems, couple crises and relationship difficulties. Right now, the smartest choice is to ask a psychologist for help.

Because a psychologist can help you put your thoughts and emotions in order and provide you with the right tools so that you can choose the best direction to go from the path you have interrupted. Transactional analysis is a personality theory and systematic psychotherapy for the growth and change of the person and is a valuable and powerful tool for working with individuals, couples and groups.

What happens in the psychotherapist's room? The idea came from a conversation during a train ride: Let's explain what the psychologist does and what the psychotherapist does. The title I had originally thought of for this article was: "Depression and Serotonin: Something's wrong". Subtitles: Is there a golden technique (reference technique) in psychotherapy?

Working with couples in crisis since the beginning of this work many years ago has caused me to ask myself what are the most important ones instead.... Caes cos'รจ la pasicoterapia?

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