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The Complete Music Video Collection is a DVD from the punk group Offspring. Rummage, buy, and download alternative music videos from your favorite artists on iTunes. Poletti is a fashion and music video director based in Milan. These are his historical works in music videos. Actually there are five videos accompanying Daft Punk music.

"Slam ": new clip from the Canadian pop-punk group Seaway

"Slam " is the new Canadian Rockband Seaway movie that has been released now. The song comes from their latest record "Colour Blind" which is now available via Pure Noise Records on iTunes. See here the Slam videotape under singer Ryan Locke's comment about the video: "The process of making this videotape was very different from all the videos we made before.

If you' re not familiar with our old works, we always shot the videos without too much attention to detail, as if the commercials of the 90s met American Pie. With " Slam " we wanted to do something more mature and at the same time stay true to the group. We asked our long-time friend Miguel Barbosa (YEAH!Films) for help directing the film.

He wanted a place with character and finally found this house which belonged to a former Canadian mob leader (Paul Volpe). Seaway's album "Colour Blind", released almost a year ago, was produced by Alan Day of Four Years Strong and Derek Hoffman. Since their release the group has been quite successful thanks to great singles like "Freak", "Stubborn Love" and "Growing Stale".

Seaway were founded in 2011 in Oakville, Ontario, composed by Ryan Locke on vocals, Patrick Carleton on guitar and vocals, Andrea Eichinger on guitar, Adam Shoji on bass and Ken Taylor on drums. All members have been friends since school and were previously in many bands together.

Seaway was originally a side venture of the Fellowship, a hard-core group that included Locke, Eichinger and Taylor. In February and March 2014 the group goes on the road to support the Major League. In summer 2014 the group toured as co-headliner with the Stickup Kid, supported by the Friendly Drivers, from the beginning of July to the end of August.

They continued the Intercontinental Championships in the UK and supported Neck Deep in January and February 2015. They supported the bands As It Is and This Wild Life on their UK trip in May. "Colour Blinds was released by Pure Noise on October 23rd.

Three days later the music movie "Best Mistake" was released.

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