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with a 90% melodic punk record.

Lights Out are back with a new, explosive 90-style melodic punkrock record...in their own way! Thirteen unreleased songs that combine the raw sounds of punk with musical influences beyond the boundaries of the genre, with a personal and theatrical style. The recording was recorded at Ette G.'s Royal Studios and released by RocketMan Records and is scheduled for release on November 23, 2018 with a video clip of the first single "When I'm drunk (Put Stickers On The Cops)".

The title of the album is "Rotten Stramorten", certainly the son of an alcoholic evening and that brings with it the creative delirium of our people to also conceive the characters for a comic strip. Lights Out want to play punk without this leading to a rigid reproduction of the clich├ęs of the genre. The musical references for all are based on the great punk bands of the 90s: NoFx, Lagwagon, Bad Religion, Vandals, Rancid, but not only Punk.

Ours also indicate Boston, MC5, Motorhead, Libertines, The Cribs, L7, Melt Banana (?!) under the indirect influences, which is the great variety of music that the group has heard day and night over the last twenty years and which then appears in the composition of the songs. The other guitar is characterized by the sounds of the 70s, the great rocks and metals, then guitars like Led Zeppelin and Riffs Lightning Randy Rhoads, the bass expresses its line, precise and direct, even gives spontaneous rounds that radiate, but enrich the guitar melodies.

Remains a perfect 50% rhythmic basis that never gives in to boredom and never loses the shooting. The idea of Lights Out's punk music is never lost sight of, but unexpected stylistic innovations arise: they hesitate to add electronic bases, rappers or "modern" digital sounds, but have created a punk that is more rocky from a musical point of view and more in demand from a vocal point of view.

The song with which Lights Out awaits the release of the tape is the story of three extraterrestrial women landing with a flying saucer exactly where our heroes play, trying to spy and study these strange earthlings whose alcoholic behavior they can't understand, going through a series of hilarious adventures that lead to the conclusion that everyone is dancing and drinking together.

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