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It' an old video I chose because it has hamburgers on it, but they will release new music soon. The aspiring pop punk band Handguns has released a brand new video for recovery. Ska punk -Play music, find songs. ska punk day. RELIGION - Punk Rock Songs (The Epic Years).

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My ad said the bassist was looking for a post-punk group, but I wasn't answered by a post-punk group. He wanted to put a label on it, he could give me contact. "See Niccolò, the people are not the work they do, or the clothes they wear, the shoes they wear, the things they have. From time to time he tried to talk about sex: "I would understand where he wanted to go and I would change the subject.

When he saw my house, he was so embarrassed to tell me that his family had a farmhouse in Orvieto; that he was rich, more than rich, if he wanted, he could stop working at any time. "See Niccolò, the people are not the work they do, or the clothes they wear, the shoes they wear, the things they have.

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The Ep gets good recognition in the rock and then travels to a 20 dates touring Italy and Europe. In 2012, the first full version of "Batteries are not included" (11 songs) was released, expected from the single-player " To be ", which will be broadcast in rotation on Italian and foreign television and radios.

In autumn 2013 they will be touring Europe and in Rome they will take part in the 15th anniversary celebrations of the local Hard Rock Cafe. In June 2014, they took the third of twenty places in the Virgin Radio selection at the Hard Rock Cafe in Florence. In the same month they take part in the Jam Rock Festival in the Czech Republic.

The change of drummer and bass player in 2014 does not prevent us from going on tours to Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, England and Russia. The play is called "Revolution". After a first success in Russia they return after 4 months for a summer tournament with 12 dates. In 2015/2016 they will return on 40 dates on tours through Europe and Russia.

Between one date and the next our boys write their second full house with the title "Beethoven was a punk" (2017). It begins immediately with the intro of Beethoven's fifth, which introduces "My last song"; piece with strong and powerful lashes of skirt with melodies that fascinate and involve the listener. The flowing voice in the chorus sometimes becomes strong and decisive, models itself on the rhythmic carpet and swallows the receptive earcups.

With the intro of G.F. Händel in "Sex Hallulujah", in which the choir acts as chorus and lets us preserve classical music in a version of skirt, the way leads through the greats of classical music. Of this piece have also made a wonderful videotape that I can recommend on Youtube.

with its slow tempo at first, but exploding with the voice of Thomas, who follows the periplus of the piece and decorates the fabulous cake with a strong and sunny stamp in the chorus. With the Ninth Symphony, the piece "We music" opens with the opening of which prepares the ground for a scratching guitar, and Thomas brushes the words correctly to decorate his image of light and energy in the best possible way.

The piece is a shift between strong parts and slowdowns that are not smooth but create the right atmosphere to transform the original sound energy into pure light of ecstasy. A song to sing under the spring sun in a field with yellow flowers and a red T-shirt. Recognising the dark and slow atmosphere of "I don't sense anything", he opens this piece melancholically, but very intensely and touchingly like a feather that glides slowly along the back and offers only trembling.... only trembling.

Deposable" begins with an intrigue of keyboards revolving around a mighty bass played by Badd, and then moves forward resolutely and persuasively to lift the arms against the wind, in the bright chorus reminiscent of an explosion of light, continuing to open its wings to infinity, in the touching end and in the choir at their concerts.

The clear and clear voice explodes in the chorus and changes the decisive with the slow in a kaleidoscopic set of colours, lights and sounds worthy of the composers of which we have used parts of their works. The " Still a fighter " (bonus track) introduced with Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 completes this full version.

The melancholic beginning colors the atmosphere in autumn, brings us back to dry leaves and naked plants and then slips into the heart-rending chorus and continues with sweet melodies. Halfway through the piece, the rhythm rises towards the areas in the middle of the hill with the use of filtered voice and the cry of Tommaso extending on the carpet of keyboards that forms along these bleak shores of sound autumn.

Excellent second test by WAKEUPCALL, who knows how to combine classic and skirt in a modest and at the same time courageous form. This way they can contribute to many more people loving the classic.

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