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The Punk Quiz: Tickets for the Billy Talent concert in the Black Box

On July 7th at the Black Box in Laives (BZ), Phil will play one of the hottest concerts of the summer. With Dead Silence, their fourth recording session, Talent have made a quantum leap by combining pop, punk and Rock with a strong breakthrough message and are now the punk group of the moment.

Would you like to win a ticket to participate for free in the big event where the powerful Swedish garages rocking group Royal Republic opens? Answer this simple question: What is the name of the first single from Billy Talent's latest record "Dead Silence"? The first two who answered correctly will take home a free ticket for the concert on 7 July.

Let's crash!


For tonight we propose two bands who will spoil our brains with their psychedelic sounds and give us a real Rebelòt: ..... The project was born in the summer of 2016 in Provaglio d'Iseo from an idea by Alessandro Corsini, who, inspired by Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Battisti, Tom Petty, Nirvana, Verdena, Mgmt, Tame Impala, Pond, King Gizzard, produces some songs with psychedelic sounds and sings in Italian.

After about a year of working in the gym he and drummer Alessandro Pedretti (Sdang) recorded 4 tracks with the help of the mixer Domenico Vigliotti. After a short time Emanuele Agosti (bass), Roberto Castignola (drums) and his brother Matteo Corsini (synthesizer, keyboards) joined the band. The complete line-up is about to be realized at the Sonic Temple Studios in Parma, with Domenico Vigliotti still behind the mixing bench and with Giovanni Versari's masters.

The Pau Amma is a psychedelic project born in Bergamo in 2016, in Gregorio Manenti's room (guitar, keyboards). The line-up was completed in January 2018 with Giulio Mastropietro (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Andrea Moriggi (bass) and Alessandro Seminati (drums). "Hypnotic grooves on a captivating and present bass support harmonies and themes orchestrated by synthesizers, edited guitars and distant vocals.

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