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Primitive screwheads, with their diverse musical preferences, don't try to adapt to just one genre. As in any musical genre, it is difficult to determine time. Music, cinema, reading, writing, painting, photography. Add another genre or tag to narrow down your results. Punkrock, a musical genre that has its origins in.


In 2005 they took part and won the eleventh edition of Sottosuoni, which allowed the group to perform at the M.E.I. Festival in Faenza. In 2006 the first self-produced album entitled "Eternit" was released and in April 2006 they took part in the event "Down the Head" (organized by Vox Day) with other groups including Marta Sui Tubi.

In the summer of 2006 they played at the most important musical event of the island "Rocce Rosse & Blues" (where artists from the circle of Franco Battiato, PGR, Bregovic, Vasco Rossi perform) in the evening, where they could be seen together with No-Relax (ex Ska-P) and Askra. In November 2006 they performed at the M.E.I. Festival in Faenza. In November 2008 her second full-length Eurasia was released, produced by Bellecasa Music and the Grande Onda del Piotta and distributed by Self.

In April 2011 the single "Punkillonis Contro il Nucleare" (Punkillonis Against Nuclear Energy) was released with the song "Favorisca il Nucleare" (Preferred Nuclear Energy).

Mr. Dailom. Crazy murderers.

David Di Bartolomeo, known under the pseudonym of Mr. Dailom, also known as "the Taciturn", was born on April 1, 1988 in Varsese; born and raised in Besozzo, a small town in the province of Varsese, he began at the age of 15 to listen to the first pieces by artists of the East Coast and West Coast American scene.

The artist, member and founder of Stainz Music, a collective with names from the local scene, opened the "Touchdown Studio" in Besozzo in 2013, which today is a reference point for the entire city. After a few eps the real turning point for Mr. Dailom comes in 2014 with the release of "Taciturno Mixtape".

The project, which is distributed in free download via the well-known magazine MoodMagazine, is very successful and secures Mr. Dailom a record contract with the label Latviatide for the release of "On my legs" in 2016 and "Life as a Dog" in 2018. In just a few months, both records were a great success and were widely distributed on the Internet, broadcast and television.

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